7 Work Wear Outfit Ideas To Get You From Mondays To Fridays Effortlessly

While Mondays may not be the best time of the week for you, you can definitely still rock them by dressing up right in sassy work outfits that scream sophistication. Different work places have different codes of dressing up, sometimes expressed overtly and at other times, created informally by the workers. What may be stylish in one work setting might be offensive or too showy in the other. So you’ve got to first spot out your work place dress code (formal & informal), and then go on adding a hint of your style to it.

Here are the 7 outfit inspirations for workplace to get you from Mondays to Fridays just effortlessly.

1. The Timeless Look

The Timeless look is probably the most standard and easiest ways to dress for office, regardless of your work setting. However, it is also the look that will most likely get you jaded out soon. You can opt for a crisp white collared shirt in a sleek silhouette and pair it with straight-fit pants to rock this look. In order to keep your outfit exciting, add some designer pieces such as a stunning piece of jewellery or dapper watch to get you through the day just flawlessly. Try incorporating contrasting styles and sport rich fabrics to keep it sophisticated yet simple at the office floor.

2. The Causal Business Look

Now this is one look that today’s generation loves to sport. The casual business look is neither too formal nor too hipster. It’s a perfect combination between too sassy and too boring. Isn’t it just wonderful when your workplace permits you to team up formal shirts with life-saving rugged jeans and simply be relaxed? Definitely yes!
To rock this effortless look, you can shop for effortless looking shirts, pants or jumpsuits. The deal-breaker in this look would be platform shoes or pumps as they will add that glamour quotient to your casual outfit. What’s more, your relaxed look lets you play with accessories and add-ons.

3. The Easy Chic Look

The easy-breezy chic look is for the contemporary ladies who love doing fashion, while showing that it comes naturally to them. Style and sass runs in the blood of these women and they leave no stone unturned to look their best beautiful 24*7. Pull-off an easy look with dapper shirts or tunics in exciting cuts, slits and patterns that flatter your curves and cover the problematic areas. Incorporate interesting prints such as floral, abstract, wild, fusion or stripes in your wardrobe to look upbeat. Add contrasting items such as a relaxed fit pant with well-fitted top or short kurtas with long, flowing skirts and so on. Indo-western are best for such a look as they come in a range of effortless styles, cuts and patterns to turn heads at the office. Complete your look with brogues, boots or pumps depending on your style.

4. The Monochrome Look

Go for an all-black or all-white western outfit to send out some serious envy during those nine to five hours. Your one tone outfit will not only make you appear taller but also sharper and superior. This is a flawless pick for the workplace as monochrome is anything but overdone. Wearing one-tone jumpsuits is a clearer approach to putting your outfit together. Go for different shades of black such as jet black, faded, onyx, olive, etc. Try pairing different shades of the same color family to make it more striking and appealing. Complete the look with minimal jewellery and your statement go-to handbag.

5. The Trendy Diva Look

This trendy diva look is for all the empowered goddesses who believe in seizing the day and would prefer red lips, sleek pants and sky high shoes over anything else. Stick to modern cuts and sharp tones in western silhouettes and interesting prints to flaunt your style. You can also go for formal shirts with fancy embellishments and little embroidered details. Learn the art of choosing right fabrics to wear at your workplace. Make your colleagues swoon in wonder by pairing your glam outfits with gold jewellery, huge totes and a lush fragrance.

6. The Quirky Look

This boldly original and sharply defined look is not for the faint-hearted and timid. The quirky style is perfect for those who have creative workplaces and whose work requires them to put out innovative and bold ideas. This edgy style isn’t for corporate jobs as many formal offices have certain strict dress codes to be followed. If your work is more on the creative scale, to incorporate the quirkiness in your outfit, stick to bold prints, dark hues, colorful embellishments and lacy details. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your formal shirts with a variety of pants, skirts and jeans.

7. The Feminine Look

The feminine workplace look is perfect for all those girly girls who don’t refrain from wearing fifty shades of pink and have it all perfect for themselves. This womanlike style is perfect for all those workplaces that don’t follow any strict color codes. Various dresses in daring colors like coral red, fuchsia or deep burgundy can be paired with killer pumps to pull off this look at workplace. Stick to delicate silhouettes and interesting cuts that lend some oomph factor to your personality.

Don’t forget to share with us some of your favorite work wear outfit ideas.

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