Top 10 Street Style Trends From Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Week

Summer’s all around and who wants to stay indoors? Summer/spring is that time of the year where you want to pick all your choicest closet clothes and try something new. Trendy clothes and new fashion fads is what makes your summer more exotic and enjoyable. Designers across the world have claimed that most of the on going trends were a real time inspiration from street stylers who freely play with new ideas and styles in their fashion book or curate new styles from the retro collections. So if you are someone who’s looking for some high-end styling inspiration, come and have a look at these street style trends getting viral this season. Summer’s are for flaunting your unique style and Spring is to shine around with the trend. Let’s have a look at these top ten street style trends from the Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Weeks.

1. Checkered Power Blazers with Shoulder Pads

You may always discover something new in the world of fashion and trends but old styles always make a comeback. Trying out the retro 90’s power blazer with a little fusion of the 80’s trend is all back again this summer. Bold shoulder pads and vintage check designs are all over the streets for a sophisticated look. If you want to try something extra and new, go for these power blazers with the pattern of your choice. They are just perfect for every occasion. You can pair them with a skirt or fitted jeggings to revive your fashion game in retro style.

2. Side Stripe Trousers

Among the ongoing street style trends, the side stripe trousers are growing to the top of the list. Obviously, who doesn’t like a little bit of hood in their style? The street stylers have added that stripes aren’t just for cars but for pants too. They are so stylish and flattering, they go with almost any top. These bold stripes are not just the most suitable to go with any tops but also make your legs look long and beautiful, giving you the confidence to walk in across the streets. If you are someone who loves sporty looks over classic ones, then try on these Side stripe style in your trousers.

3. Ski Sweater

Those traditional patterns which once seemed to be boring, have now become the street style trend. Designers have used these patterns to give evocative designs and create extra magnificent patterns and logos around the neckline. Be it an exotic holiday or just a casual brunch plan some fine evening, these ski sweaters are perfect and simple to flaunt on any occasion.

4. Upsized Dots

Fashion trends hardly forget adding polka dots to their new adaptations.  This summer, the street style trends are getting a little louder, bolder and brighter.  They have added more magic by making these polka dots go a size up. Be it pants, tops or skirts, these dots are always a game changer for your whole lookbook. Talking about upsized dots, black and white combinations have become one of the favourites this summer/spring.

5. Velvet Pants

Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable on a fall day along with some spiced latte! Well, in that case, one cannot always be in yoga pants. No problem, this street style trend will get you on board with some extra comfort and super amazing looks. Velvet pants add up to your sheer look no matter what you decide to match with them, adding up more to your feminine looks,  Especially if you are someone who loves wide or flared pants.

6. Statement Suits

From formal meetings to brunch dates, these statement suits will highlight your daring and confident style in public. Inspired by the 1970’s looks, you can try on these high waisted, wide leg pants and broad shoulders statement suits to flaunt your urbane and elegant looks. These suits are completely versatile for office, professional meetings, and formal gatherings. You can try some bold color combinations with a pair of tassels or choose an animal printed fabric for your suit, all of them just look fabulous. Looks like there are a lot of designs reminiscent of the 1950’s and 1960’s this summer/spring.

7. Bold Stripes

Formal or informal, date dinner or casual brunch, these bold stripes are just perfect for every occasion. These daring bold lines and the perfect colour combination can make any woman look super presentable and perfect. Be it a jacket, trouser, skirt or short tops, they’ll make you look pretty wearing them. Street style followers have also suggested that some single metallic accessories will pair great with them.

8. Balloon Sleeves

The fashion industry has always loved playing and trying new sleeve styles. Be it off shoulder style, Kimono-style or puffed style sleeve, we love experimenting. With that, the street style stars are preferring these bold and unique balloon sleeves this summer to hang around looking more cute and classy at the same time. The sleeve comes as a round tight fitted cuff that may hang loosely from up to down and add volume to your outfits. While opting for balloon sleeves, always take care to keep your other accessories and face makeup minimal and neutral. Balloon sleeves look better with simple looks.

9. Ruffle Dresses

If you’ve got some extra fabric, then try out adding more layers and flowing designs to your dress. This detail has become one of the favorites among the street style trends and everyone is coveting it. You can try these ruffle details on necklines, sleeves, skirts, blouse or even your jackets. These flouncy frills are for everyone this summer/spring. These austere stiff waves are the best pick to add some dramatic look to your evening. Match them with pumps or sandals to complete your delightful looks.

10. Trans-Seasonal Layering

Street style trends have created this simple yet elegant look for all those who hate too much of detail yet look forward to trying some cult of bold colors and prints. You can always choose the option of simply layering down your clothes and flaunt your style without any high-end purchases and alterations. All you have to do is, combine your summer and winter clothes to create this hassle-free fashion look and wander around in style and comfort. Be careful while mixing along with your wardrobe.

There’s always something for everyone in the world of fashion. Which trend are you picking first?

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