There Is A Monster In My Veins

It lives nearby, which has always got me in a haywire,

My stance is broken for the day, when it buts his head out.

What is there to hold in this sprout, when it controls me like in & out;

What is there to lose, when my conscience is on-loose.

Every mistake is like a treat, a treat to keep repeating it like a tweet;

I know, this is wrong! But, how to correct it, when the devil inside me is keeping me on a leash.

Every step makes me near my cowardice, every breath makes me shout for a ‘way out’;

There  are no tears left, no air to breathe more, no room to improve, no heart to feel anymore.

Everything is in grey; black or white have lost its shine long back.

A while it has been since I have stepped out to fight or battle,

It feels like I am locked up in my own mirror haze, with my own sanity to cradle.

A light at the end of the tunnel is just a dangling axe waiting to fall, as I look ahead.

Reality keeps giving a rain-check, while I wanting to escape not to look back.

Yes, I have got a monster inside me, lulling me to my own death;

There is no colour, caste or creed of that monster, just a little info on how it makes you weak.

Life is the biggest motivator, sand is in your lungs, when you breath like a shotgun;

Light seems like a joke, but the sky still has got some stars,

My skin has lost its glow, but that roadside lad can bring back some red colour to my cheeks.

See, the hope is there, finally my conscience speaks.

The court hasn’t adjourned but just started,

Because no debate finds its end till it’s about life.

Monster makes you second guess your every step, but your heart knows how to find a way to shut him up and go on;

Everyone is a leader & a follower, the trick lies in the attitude;

Feed the monster with love, and it will take you to your solitude.

No longer I am the enemy of myself, but the master of my mind.

No longer, monster is bad, because I found a way to shun all the evil;

No longer conscience is in a brothel, no longer my soul needs a cradle.

Monster is my friend, we meet each other now and then;

Over a few sad moments & backlash, but towards the horizon, we together meet our destination.

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