Men Who Know How to Call The Shots In A Digital Age

This digital age has got everyone hopping like a kangaroo, on a thin string of connectivity. The out-reach has encumbered its way towards the better and the globalization of trends has given a strong push to innovation & creativity.

Here are the men who decided to take the reins of technology in their hands and change the way we live.

1. Ananth Narayanan | CEO, Myntra

Myntra has outcast the conventional methods of shopping in real outlets, it has made our shopping experience so easy and exciting. Myntra has taught us ‘how to shop like a pro, with a smartphone in hand and a good shopping potential’.

The Business Tools He Lives By:

He seems to just love the use of mobile phones. For him, the app he uses the most is ‘Evernote’.

2. Vijay Shekhar Sharma | Founder, Paytm

Paytm has taught us the easier ways to find and use liquid cash. Vijay, the founder of paytm seems to have interacted with Jack Ma (Alibaba) and Masayoshi Son (Softbank). He remarks to have been swept off with Masayoshi’s tact and grit in business.

“And what I learnt in that meeting was that once you have crossed money as a hump, it stops mattering as a number. Because it is your passion, vision and persuasion to do things that drive you ahead. So after my interaction with Masayoshi, I finally learnt how a $100 billion guy behaves. He is hungry, passionate and excited”- Vijay

The Business Tools He Lives By:

On this note, Vijay remarks “A data-filled smartphone is a luxury. Laptops and tablets are passe.”

3. Deep Kalra | Founder, MakeMyTrip

Travelling is his kin. He has met Travis Kalanick of Uber, who according to him is a sharp guy in his field.

The Business Tools He Lives By:

He loves audio books. He hears them during the long drives, or else while flying for business meetings. He recently re-read The Fountainhead (By Ayn Rand) and currently he is reading ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’ by Marshall Goldsmith.

4. Ashish Hemrajani | Founder, BookMyShow

BookMyShow is an app that every other person seems to have in his smartphone. Ashish is not a devoted follower of any inspiring leader or motivational speakers, but he does takes. fancy to the progression of Apple industry and its innovational techniques.

The Business Tools He Lives By:

Principle is what he lives by. He doesn’t read emails or post on Twitter or Facebook. He is more of an ‘inward’ looking person.


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