Since When Did A Pair Of Jeans Become My BFF

JeansA great pair of jeans is something we all wear.

It is that saviour that we all have in spare.

They mold themselves to our body,

All we feel in them is sloppy.

They are like your BFF,

Whenever you need them, they’re there.

They have a lot of space for your gossips,

And don’t cover the size of your closet.

They match up with every outfit,

They are the pair which is perfectly yours.

They have so many types, sometimes fringed,

Sometimes skinny tight.

A pair of jeans is like magic,

Wearing them makes me a little nostalgic.

It always helps when you have sudden plans,

And always goes with all your types of vans!

It doesn’t ask for a lot of maintenance,

You always admire it because of its likableness.

After all, it embraces me

I think I don’t remember;

Since when did a pair of jeans become my Best Friend Forever.

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