This Stationery Brand Is Creating Waves With Its ‘Goodwork’

Imagine the sheen of silk, the first delight of sunlight on a mountain top or else the twinkling of the solitaire diamond on your finger. All these ubiquitous human feelings have one thing in common- the awestruck emotion. And that’s what the Goodwork diaries are made for. Their awesome collection of diaries have got the push & pull, the rock & roll and that glitz & glamour to set that happy expression on your faces as you pen down your thoughts or a day’s happenings. The colourful & vibrant front-covers and the crisp pages are just perfect to turn any one into a writer.

Where Can I Shop My Goodwork Diary?

Setting their foot on the major youth attractions of the city, Goodwork diaries can be shopped from a number of places in town. Their best collection of diaries & notebooks are displayed in some of the most happening Jaipur cafes like On The House, Cafe lazy Mojo, Tapri and more. You can also shop them online on Flipkart, Amazon and even their own website.

Goodwork Diaries & Their Hospitality

The phenomenal and thoughtful set of diaries by Goodwork is perfect for travellers, corporate executives and even for that little girl with geeky spectacles who sits under a lamp every night, penning her teenage thoughts in her thin-sleek diary. It is such a welcoming little essential that you can carry everywhere and anywhere. After all, some of the most creative people in the world always carry a diary with them.

Goodwork Diaries & Their Beautiful Designs

The awe-inspiring designs like the witty typography quote on travelling, a couple in love dancing, abstract animals like giraffes, elephants and lions roaring, a literary person squirming, all make Goodwork diaries our top favourite. Their innovative technique is to put the best out there for people, and that too, at such competitive rates that they don’t feel the pinch in their pockets.

Don’t wait for Christmas, and grab your piece of art from Goodwork and show it off to your friends. What’s more? You can also gift some to your best friends.

Here are some of our picks, go indulge!

Keep the ‘Goodwork’ going, guys!

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