Listen To The Call Of Life

‘Growing up’ is a huge part of the exciting deal called life. Growing up is about tasting new mountain tops & river dips, posing with the strangest species of animals and migratory birds and being a part of something bigger than yourself. However, humans are known for resisting change. There is always some kind of hesitation in taking a new step, changing, evolving, growing up and being your best version.

Nevertheless, one should never forget that life happens when you take that leap of faith, go that extra mile and take that new challenge. After all, mistakes are nothing but huge bumps in the road, they come & go. But, every bump teaches you how and at what speed you must drive the car of life.

You must have heard this cliche line- “Life is full of twists & turns, ups and downs, highs and lows. It’s a roller coaster ride”. But have you ever given an extra thought to it? Why life cannot be like a straight road without any bumps? Why does it have to be like a roller coaster ride? This is because every twist and turn creates a certain friction in your movement, thus making you a better driver. Without these stops & bumps, the friction is lost. Life becomes nothing but a beautiful, still-picture painted by Pablo Picasso. Painting might be alive, but you aren’t.

Experiences are what add layers to your life, open your heart for new sunrises and make you see a whole new world with the same old eyes. This was what happened to great Emperor Asoka after the Battle of Kalinga. Amidst the devastating destruction & death, he was over-whelmed by a soul-changing moment. Something shifted inside him, a moment of deep introspection taught him something. He heard the ‘call of conscience’, just when everything around him was so chaotic. This call changed him from a ruthless conqueror & destroyer to a philanthropic administrator & spiritual propagator.

Traveling with backpack

Another young royalty born with a silver spoon, Prince Siddhartha, gave up his life of luxury & comfort after he encountered human suffering. He traded paths, living a life as Buddha, the enlightened one.

This inner conflict, the introspective moment and that ‘Eat-Prey-Love’ attitude can bring huge transformations in your life, but only when you allow it to. Any kind of resistance results in massive destruction & sadness. Reluctance towards nature is like a silent death affair.

One must take the reins of life, command control & trudge ahead with a brave face. Any trip or fall is bound to happen. But you must never stop, or your existence would be as negligible as the rocks that make up a mountain.

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