MINI MEDITATION: 9 Proven Benefits Of Deep Breathing And How To Breathe Deeply?

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”- Marcus Aurelius

Inhale fresh air, exhale negativity. Deep breathing is one simple habit that has countless benefits for your overall well-being and can help you tackle a raging boss or soaring work shit, effortlessly. Here’s why you must learn to master the art of deep breathing:

1. Deep Breathing Puts Your Raging Nerves To Rest

Deep breathing, when done at rhythmic intervals, calms your erratic heart beats and also evokes a deep sense of self in you. If you practice this habit of deep breathing at regular intervals, you can peacefully tackle and cope up with any sort of situation which creates unwanted anxiety and stress in you.

2. Deep Breathing Controls Blood Pressure

Through the simple exercise of deep breathing, your blood pressure levels can be controlled and checked. Deep breathing enables fresh oxygen molecules to travel into your blood cells, thus purifying  your blood and helping it reach various organs.

3. Deep Breathing Helps Calm Your Anger

Deep breathing helps in controlling your anger issues and short-temperament. When you are estranged in the tight clutches of anger, you lose your ability to think rationally. At such a time, deep breathing with a count to 10 can help you relax your muscles. It helps you clear up clutter from your head and make the right decisions.

4. Deep Breathing Helps In Regaining Your Focus

At times, you might find yourself sitting at your laptop with your fingers lingering over the keypad, as your mind is all blank and your thoughts are scattered all over the place. This lack of focus can be easily solved by breathing to a count of ten. Deep breathing helps you regain your focus by clearing your mind, just like hitting a ‘refresh’ button on it.

5. Deep Breathing Reduces Social Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises help reduce your initial social anxiety and nervousness. A simple inhale-exhale exercise helps you when you’re sweating profusely and constantly nibbling on your lower lip. You will be surprised at how much confidence boost can come within you by simply breathing.

6. Deep Breathing Cures Cancer

When you breathe right and regularly, then oxygen reaches evenly to every cell of your body. This oxygen helps combat the cancer cells and reduces your likelihood to develop cancer by a great amount.

7. Deep Breathing Improves Your Body Posture

Deep breathing, i.e., rising of the chest and flattening of the abdomen, results into straining of your back. It, thus, improves your bodily stance when you are standing, sitting or else inclining towards someone. You can use this technique during an interview or while impressing a girl.

8. Deep Breathing Assists In Weight Control

Weight issues, anyone? When you are breathing profusely, your body cells tend to work faster and the right amount of oxygen reaches them, thus burning calories. It also helps in proper breakdown of the food particles. This is how a simple breathing exercise can help you stay fit and glowing.

9. Deep Breathing Elevates Your Mood

In this sedentary lifestyle, mood swings get the better of every other individual. At such a time, deep breathing can help release all the build-up tension, calm your nerves and leave you feeling better.

How To Follow Deep Breathing Exercise?
  1. Inhale deeply through one of your nostrils, on the count of five or above, while making sure that the abdomen expands.
  2. Hold your breath for a moment.
  3. Next, exhale through the other nostril, on a count to five.
  4. Repeat this exercise three to four times a day.

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