Here’s What The Stars Have In Store For You This Week

Gear yourself up for your weekly horoscope as you unravel the mystery & attain great heights. Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week:

  1. Aries

Dear little Aries, did you forget where your ‘pause’ button is? Catch up on that extra time to relax & pause this week. For once, see the world enfolding. Yoga can be a great assistance in hitting the pause button and taking a break from all the hustle-bustle. Re-invent your ideologies by structured planning (maybe bullet points can help) and categorize your priorities. The easy going attitude can be very fruitful for you this week, only if you pause and reflect. Choosing ‘quality over quantity’ should be your mantra now.

Tap! Tap! Don’t you fall into heavy sleeping or you’ll miss on the energetic streak. Later this week, act on all your instincts, go haywire with social interactions and make connections. But do remember to follow your priorities which you had planned in the initial days. Right planning will lead you to far-off places, but an attitude all over the place will only render you senseless.

2. Taurus

Ah, tumbling over your own steps? Not able to hear your own tunes? Well, this is going to change later this Tuesday when the mental mercury enters into your sign and stays until June 6. The small misunderstandings followed by senseless arguments with people are just because of the changing positions of mercury. But later this week, you will get a chance to analyze your actions and take responsibility for them. Second chances are much better than no chances at all. This month is also apt for indulging in some steamy makeovers. Maybe try that loud floral dress or else get a new hairstyle- as you will exude this blatant charm off your glowing skin, this very month.

Enjoy the charm till this week, as soon the shinning mercury will enter the Gemini house. Silent will be your perfect pick right now. Also don’t be too liberal with your money later this week. Your own wardrobe will be your kin now instead of easy shopping. So, hold onto your reins and cling onto a little miser side till it lasts.

3. Gemini

This is going to be a Gemini season soon and your imagination is going to run wild with crazy ideas to cash on. Last three weeks have been very confusing and blurred for you with low energy and scattered vision. This is going to change, as now the mindful mercury is going to enter your enchanted 12th house. Invest this time in making new important connections, invent new ideas at work and take control as your mind is going to be really quick & crisp in decision-making matters. Also, acting on instincts is good but always check again if that’s what you really want. Also, the ones who are turning a little emotionally inclined towards you can be given a small breathing room. Your birthday is around the corner and that is when you can really indulge into just yourself. As the Gemini season begins you can invest all your time and space, only in you. The world comes to light again with the Gemini season kicking off this Saturday. So grab this opportunity and act on the lost time by being in the outfront now.

4. Cancer

You are high on social connections and those social connections are high on you too. This is a whole eventful hyped circle of social relativity whereby the crazy mercury enters the Taurus house this Tuesday. By June 6, you can expect your social circle to enlarge pretty much in size (both online and offline). You can travel to new places and follow people on social media sites. As you are a great fan of literature and historic places, join some art oriented groups which can be your fancy for this month. Do you consider yourself worth Googling? Well, this can be a great time indulging into more important matters which will outshine your social image, as the fortune is with you all along. Refresh your news feed and take those drunk photos, snarky comments and arrogant remarks off from your social networking sites. A ‘social smirk’ is what you can expect, as you are so lovable right now. Your attitude will alter a little as the mercury travels into Gemini this Saturday. You would become more calm and peaceful about your nature.

5. Leo

Ambition is travelling in your blood, all the way to your heart. Listening to a ‘NO’ has become strictly intolerable for you. You are like a shark in business matters, but all you have to do is start speaking-up and take credit for what you have done. As mercury travels to Taurus house this Tuesday, you are all about your big dreams and goals. Encash upon your unique talent or else re-build your resume to outshine yourself, because the world is waiting to be outshone by you. Tell people what you can do for them, splay some spotlight onto them to make them see where they stand if they are in business with you. If you are getting over stressed with work, then sure you can claim the chance to get overpaid for the efforts you have put in. This is nothing but fair. 

Also, this is the time when you should illuminate your web presence and build a professional image. Mint a badass or irresistible image of yourself this summer as people are off to googling you now. Your social life is going to be in its full spring with the official Gemini season starting soon. People look up to sharing some space with you, which is going to be really precious now. Everything you wanted is taking the uphill side at this moment. You just have to hold on and keep your back straight to represent and reflect!

6. Virgo

Keep your suitcase packed as your ruler Mercury would be cruising to your ninth house from Tuesday. This is the chance to indulge into new materialistic attractions. Mark the places on a world map, get your friends along and act like a nomad. Because that’s what you are going to be till June 6. Also, multicultural connections will really add that upper-east charm to your profile. You can practice the foreign language phrases to increase the utility, as travelling will get easier with such a practice.

As your ruler will travel into Gemini house later this Saturday. your ambitious side will be out there on a wild streak. Get those big dreams and big ideas out in the open to develop them into the reality, which you have always wanted. Your relentless support and giving nature in the work sphere will be the sole reason to up-turn your life for good, but your men will add that spice to the whole thing. So take credit for what you are doing, as this month is all about new ambitions, big goals and travelling.

7. Libra

Your ambitious nature needs the support of your heart and mind both. Let your soul retreat into the big picture, with your work on the major front. Ghosting on people or hitting the ‘ignore’ button according to your own comfort is not the kind of solace which you are looking for now. Get out there and deal with it (you know, you are one hell of a negotiator). The ones who are committed can spice up the love life by resorting to new toys or new ways in bed. As the official Gemini season begins, you will be more outgoing than before.

Wanderlust is what you are going to breed on this month. Later this Saturday, all you want is to leave behind the world while you travel relentlessly. Select the places you want to travel, maybe with someone or alone. Your travel-seeking heart can either take you to the deepest Amazon jungles or else make you fly like a bird with paragliding type activities. Also, later this month you will find yourself associating with some charity concerns or social uplifters to highlight the global crises like the refugee rights. 

8. Scorpio


Flirting is on your mind this week and your tongue might be sharper than those swords, as this Tuesday the sharp-tongued mercury enters into Taurus. But selectivity in your group is what you should take care of. Are there any people whom you were ghosting on or being ghosted by? If yes, then they might get back into your life as real keepers. But be alert with people who you are letting back into your life. Second chances are good but for the troublemakers, you need to re-think it again (doesn’t matter if the sex was really wild!)

Near to Saturday, Gemini season would glimmer with its full light & energy, with your eighth house shinning too,  until June 21. This particular part of the zodiac wheel is all about the scorpion energy. Your relationships are going to be wild and passionate. However, keep that possessive green-eyed monster on check.

9. Sagittarius

Your wild streak and a fancy for new things is something to look up to. With your goal-digger attitude, big things always find a way to fall in your lap. But there are those times when you keep fretting over the small and almost undefinable issues. If you are all for the finer details, then you might resort to outsource these things to someone, to give a rest to your perfectionist side. Once you get the job right and tight, there can be a lot of public praise for you and even a quick promotion too.

As the Gemini season begins, some fruitful connections are on their way. The only thing you have to do is embrace them. Working alone is great but teamwork is what will be more beneficial for you. Listen to people’s feedback which can help you in great ways.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn, you will be gathering quite the limelight this month with the crazy mercury travelling to your gorgeous fifth house from Tuesday, until June 6. The right representation with all things geared in your favor can be one fruitful thing for you. Increase your social presence by showcasing the qualities which you stand up for like- consistency, originality, etc. Love can be on your cards in these coming four weeks, as Cupid is quite benevolent on you now. Be alert to these cupid love-dipped arrows. Also, as the Gemini season is about to begin from Saturday onward, fitness is something which will be on your mind.

11. Aquarius

Your popularity is reaching to the sky these days. Although, your inner circle is feeling a little exploited by you. Re-connection and rejuvenation with the relation ties is on board. With the official Gemini season on the go, this is your chance to pay that impending visit to your nephew or else re-connect with a far-away friend. Also, revising these old ties can be very beneficial for you. So, go on and start heart-to-heart conversations with your loved ones, which can really feed your soul. Also, with the lovely mercury entering into the Gemini house, your love life is on the rocks. Some stolen glances and deep conversations can take place.

12. Pisces

Come out and experience Pisces! This is your time to revel into the mystic delights of the world. Your playful side will be unleashed this summer with fun things on your cards. Some cultural attractions and new activities are out there chasing you. From the art exhibitions to the creative boutiques, all are warmly welcoming you to enjoy their sweet offerings. Some of the old BFFs are out there to help you in this sector, immensely. A local venture is sure to invest in you to collaborate and contribute. This can surely be a great chance to consolidate some beautiful summer indulging ventures. Allow yourself to enjoy some home parties or night slumbers with your friends.

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