Suck At Being Single? Here Are The 10 Kinds Of Guys You Are Going To Date

Dating is like that half-eaten Nutella bottle that always tempts and lures you towards itself; or probably like those ‘hyped hormones’ which never rest till they find their ‘object of desire’. Dating is almost as necessary as water for people who just suck at being single and alone. The single life cuts them deep and propels them to get the very next man/woman they collide with in any art exhibition or else at a grocery store.

Maybe that person lacks some of the qualities from their ‘checklist’ but s/he sure doesn’t lack that ‘present value’ which can keep you indulged. And keeping themselves indulged is much bigger concern for such people than following their checklists. The definition of ‘the one’ alters according to the every next person down the line. It’s not that such people are intentionally on a hunt, it’s just their nature to keep hopping from relationship to relationship, without a break. Well, the underlying reason can be emotional dependence or a certain fear of single-hood, but this is really something to deal with.

The ‘Suck At Being Single’ complex (Yes, it’s real) can get scary when you start dating guys who are way different from you.

Here are the 10 types of guys you will come across if you suck at being single:

1.The Guy Who Cancels Plans At The Last Moment

We heart it

Every girl knows of at least one such guy who makes up a plan and shows keen interest in meeting her, at first. However, he is the very same guy who really can’t stand on his words. There is always something more important for him, than meeting you and he leave you hanging the very last moment. Despite of knowing the harsh reality, you still keep hanging on to such kind of guys because your fear to be alone gets the better of your rational judgement.

2. The Guy Who Is The Head Of The Excuse-Giving Agency

There’s another tribe of guys who are ready with a long list of excuses to get rid of the plans and commitments. Their excuses seem never-ending and you can see them coming way before they actually come. But no matter what, you still hold onto your faith that maybe someday, the tables will turn.

3. The Guy Who Only Drunk Calls Or Drunk Texts You

Whether he is out there partying with his friends or drinking the night alone, he always chooses to call you in the intoxicated hours. Such a call is followed with a long list of cheesy pick-up lines & sugary words which never seem to see the daylight. Those drunk calls can add some drama to your life, but if you are looking for a long term approach, then don’t take the drunk call. 

4. The Committed Guy Who Has Eyes For You Too

He seems to be so deeply and madly in love with this girl and does things which every committed guy is capable of. At times, one can doubt whether how a relationship can be so perfect. But, as there is always an ugly side to every story, there comes a third person and maybe that’s you. There is something with the committed guys that they feel safer to date (no expectations and no demands). But, is this kind of relationship even worth it? Doesn’t it leave your self esteem murdered and dead at the end of the day?

5. The Guy Who Simply Needs a Quick Re-Bound

There is another tribe of guys who just cannot function alone in this wide world without a girl by their side. Some guys just can’t move on alone. They need that emotional support to survive and that is when you come in the picture. Such guys aren’t really loyal to you, instead they are loyal to their need of you.

You listen to all the emotional tyrants and support such a guy through thick and thin, but what do you always get in return? There would come a day, when the very same guy would no longer need that emotional support and leave you hanging.

6. The Guy Who Fears Commitment

The ‘C’ word is what guys dread and keep one arm distance from. When the time comes to take up responsibility, they run through the back door and never look back. They are only in for the light dating, light flirtations and light benefits but as and when the heavy feeling sets in, they show their true colors and hit the escape button.

7. The Guy Who Is Just In For The Benefits

Ever caught hold of the guy who is just good at keeping you physically satisfied? There might be no ‘emotional connection’ between you guys, rather just the backseat of a car, secluded locations and exotic moments.

8. The Guy Who Has Eyes For Your Every Single Friend And You Too

Then there is the ‘Casanova’ type who just can’t imagine being with one girl. He just cannot stop switching lanes and he wants to be the jack of all trades. That’s how he plays his game. He believes in the moto- ‘Catch as many fishes as you can in your love net’.

9. The Guy Who Treats You Like A Stranger In Front Of His Friends

There is another kind of guy who doesn’t have the confidence to call you as his girl and take some responsibility of the relationship. He doesn’t know himself enough in order to respect his choice and take credit for it. He feels socially awkward with you around and he always prefers to keep you a secret. Also, he feels really weird to meet your friends and doesn’t really open up with them. Beware of this type, ladies, as there are chances that he can be in it simply for some lusty needs.

10. The Guy From The Hookup Culture

The guys from the hookup culture are the scariest to be with. Such a guy openly tells you about his ultimate, insane motives and leaves no stone upturned in wooing you with his suave charm. Maybe you feel more sexually attracted to him, and there are some slight touches of emotional attachments. Despite of knowing his real motives, you always find yourself in his arms as the vicinity of his comfort is your safe place.

Whether you’ve been through any relationship trauma or not, settling for the kinds of guys mentioned in the above list would be a straight assault on your self-respect. Always understand the thin line of difference between ‘having fun’ and ‘being misused’. Because darling, you have got just one life to fall into love, respect a man for what he is and make a life with him by your side, with all that love & mutual respect.

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