7 Modern Dating Apps You Need To Try Out Right Now

Wine feels good on a summery night to cool off some heat but what if there is a handsome person to share it with? Won’t it make the experience all the more good? Well, wine or no wine, summer nights or winter mornings, dating always feels good. However, there are very less opportunities our busy lives provide us, to go out on Saturday nights, to take a small weekend trip or to even talk to the next-door neighbor. So, should we do something about this horrifying situation or else die single?

Well, technology has got our back. Tech becomes your Wingman, the cupid of your life, when you’re too busy to actually go to a bar and wait for someone to hit on you.

So, keep that wine glass ready as we have got the perfect list of modern dating websites for you.

  1. Bumble

This app has been created by the Tinder founders, so you can guess how workable it can be. It is a newly released iOS app which puts women on the forefront. Just like Tinder, Bumble gives you the facility to swipe right to approve or left to reject. And in case, if two users mutually happen to swipe right to each other, they are then allowed to chat, but here’s the catch– As I said before, women are the king here. Only women have the power to initiate a conversation and if they don’t do that in 24 hours, the connection disappears on its own.

Sounds cool? Try it out yourself.

2. Tastebuds

Connections made over music are probably the best and Tastebuds knows that pretty well. You find a match with people in your particular location, based on some shared interest in music. Isn’t that great? Tastebuds scans your iPhone music library and then finds the match with the same interests in music as you. What a musical match!

3. Score

This one is all about scoring right! It consists of loaded data of peppy questions which are scored by the two users and if they are apt in doing that, they score each other. The questions can be like- definition of sexy, meaning of love, etc. This app is available on iOS and Android.

4. Happn

Happn is an app which makes you find your crush again. Every time you cross paths with someone in real life, their respective profile shows up on your timeline. In case you’ve both liked each other, it’s a match and the story begins.

Exciting feature: Happn lets you add songs to your profile and also send the songs to your Crush.

5. Once

This app is for the ones who are really annoyed and saturated going through so many profiles on social media. ‘Once’ lets you have one person of your choice for a period of 24 hours straight. You can focus all your attention to just each other, instead of conversing to many people simultaneously. Multi-tasking is great but when it comes to dating, focusing your attention to just one is what makes you cool.

6. Align

Do you hopelessly believe in zodiac and compatibility? If yes, then you’ve got to be on this app. ‘Align’ lets you strike a connection on the basis of zodiac compatibility. This is a great app which focuses on analyzing your pros and cons according to your zodiac sign. It is available on iOS.

7. Coffee Meets Bagel

‘Coffee Meets Bagel’ is for people who wish to date a ‘friend of a friend’, instead of a total stranger. This app has many game-like features which are solely designed for all the singles who want to find something real with not that much effort. CMB uses Facebook to match you with a friend of a friend. 

Happy Dating! 

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