The fall is approaching and it may herald the summer’s finale, but September will always have plenty to charm us – ‘summer’s best of weather, and autumn’s best of cheer’, as the American writer Helen Hunt Jackson put it. In fact, it’s one of our favorite months of all. Flowing with this rhythm of nature, our September Issue is based on the theme –Minimalism. Inside the issue, we will be talking about this season’s key trends and how to make it a September to remember.

The face of the cover for this month is the young and skilled, Aavriti Jain (Founder, Dhora). Dhora is a successful jewellery label housed in Teatro Dhora and has been featured in numerous avant-garde magazines.  Featuring contemporary masterpieces, the designs at Dhora are effortless yet artistic, reflecting both, the youthfulness of the tender twenties and the suave charm of the forties.  In this month’s issue, Aavriti Jain is going to share her success story and journey with our readers in an interesting conversation.


All throughout September, our thoughts go out to the crisp cool fall winds, final fresh blooms of the downpour and pumpkin spiced latte. Merging this seasonal experience with the different facets of life, we endeavor to offer you content as fresh as the season, all throughout the month, while consciously interweaving it with our inherent theme of Empowerment.

Our last month’s issue was well-received and we hope the same for this month, thanking all our keen readers and followers. 

Extended Thanks To:

Aavriti Jain, for being the face of our cover.

Muskaan K. Kumbhat, for makeup and styling.

Mitesh Punjabi, for photographing the cover.

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