7 Power Poses To Amp Up Your Work Sesh

Power posing is an effective tool to employ at work. The famous ted talker, Amy Cuddy talks Power posing and supports the idea of ‘In what way do the body postures affect your work life’. The social Psychologist Amy Cuddy influenced a mass of people in the business world at TED Global 2012, when she gave a presentation about the scientific evidence and detailed study related to power posing. The research work which she conducted, showed that the body postures, standing or sitting have a certain effect on your success. It is these very power postures that raise your testosterone level and lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Walk with your chest out, back straight, head held up high and take long steps. That’s your power walk girl. Try it out. 


Here are the the seven power poses to amp up your work sesh.

1. The Sleeping Pose

First things first, the way you sleep affects how your day at work is going to be. Researches suggest that if one sleeps with his arms and legs pulled towards his torso, it is considered a low-power position and you seldom wake up, feeling really sensitive and lethargic with a deep foreboding feeling, without a hint about why this is happening.

And this would really affect you when you’re out and about in the competitive world. So, the position which is an alternative to the above position is, “The Marissa Mayer” pose which makes you feel empowered and authoritative. To try this pose, put your hands behind your head, in a raised position while getting that power nap.

  1. The Meeting Pose

There is a power posture titles “Mr. Clean“, which makes you avoid heated arguments and helps maintain the peace at the workplace.

To follow this power pose, pay attention to your shoulder, which is really an crucial in shaping your overall personality, whether you have folded arms or else you are bent forward with one finger resting on your jaw, in an attentive manner which shows that you are paying attention to every detail being discussed in the meeting. Also, pointed out by the Social Psychologist, Amy Cuddy, that one should always stretch his/her arms for a hand shake with all the confidence. Don’t do half stretched handshakes.

  1. The Closing Up a Deal Pose

When you are just about to seal a deal and you want to leave the last impression, then try this pose- lean over, with both hands resting on the table. This would signify that your indulgence in the conversation and your dominance over the issue. This position is titled as The Loomer.

  1. The ‘I Have Great Ideas’ Pose

This power position is titles the “The Obama” pose, as the President was often seen in it, wherein he propped up his feet on the oval office desk.

This power position, according to Amy Cuddy can be really influential and profitable as it gives you that strength or say “push” to take up more risks at the business and also helps you pitch really innovative ideas in front of everyone.

  1. The Interview Pose

In an interview, make sure you don’t acquire any of the above power postures as they are only suitable when you are the boss in your field. When you are facing an interview, then it’s better that you acquire The Performer pose.

This pose was coined in the honor of Mick Jagger. Before the interview, just throw your hands in the air and then hold your stance, as if you are celebrating the amazing applause after an amazing performance. You can do this in the bathroom when getting ready for the interview or else, in the elevators before going in the interviewer’s room. You got to hold this power pose, for whole 2 minutes and bask in your happiness for a while, to let your mind enter into that positive and confidence zone.

6The ‘Casual Talk’ Pose

Imagine your boss comes up when you are fiddling with the coffee machine in your office, the best way to strike a simple conversation is by acquiring the power pose titles “The Wonder Woman“, which relates to classic crime fighting pose.

You should be able to hold your chin up, broaden your shoulders and put a welcoming smile on your face to signify that you are ready for the attack. This would actually help you in improving your connection with the boss. Avoid, placing your hand on the side of your neck or tapping your leg constantly when you are conversing with your boss.

  1. The Negotiation Pose

The Squint as the photographer Peter Hurley calls it is ideal for the time you wish to seek a negotiation or a raise.

The famous photographer Hurley’s video which has more than 1.3 million views, demonstrates the effect of slightly squinting and pinching the eyes, which actually makes you look more photogenic. Since eyes are the windows to soul, they clearly reflect whether you are nervous or confident. When you enlarge your eyes, it signifies a deer caught in the headlights expression, whereas when you tighten the palpebral ligament, by bringing the lower eyes upward, it shows how serious you are about the raise.


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