The One Book Which Holds the Power to Change your Life

Ever heard about the word epiphany? The word which has the power to describe the exact feeling when a human heart erupts in million happy moments, when the stomach bursts into million buzzing butterflies, when the lungs feel choked on momentous thoughts and when the wandering eyes reach to the zenith of happiness. This feeling when a sudden realization or a revelation strikes with such immense force that you can’t help but smile relentlessly. The human heart is the colossal place that admires a million things in life.

This ubiquitous feeling, this rush of fresh air, these sudden urges, this involvement with the feeling of love which makes life a wonderful place, all have the capacity to enlarge your desires into something unattainable and dreamlike. Often people say that dreams are the production of your subconscious thoughts. These subconscious thoughts are either good or bad. But the magic is woven when the good and the bad come along, when the negative takes a bent towards the positive. When you stand up again after the great fall, then is the moment when sun meets the horizon and the whole sky is lit up with a glorious shine.

These momentous thoughts, the unnerving life perceptions and the deep truths which reside at the corners of the heart are all wrapped up in this amazing book, which is a sort of an autobiography of a dauntingly courageous man who passed through such gracious struggles of life, such drastic moments and such ugly truths which helped him become what he just became– a fearless man who is ready to take up anything which life would throw at him. Shantaram, written by David Gregory Roberts is one such novel which is the compilation of this man’s many stories which holds the power to baffle you.

1. The love which has the power to open your heart up-
2. At times, hope is everything- 3. This is to the humans who were locked up in the prison cells-4. To the various kinds of cultures in the world-5. Our language is a necessity and not a luxury.

6. Bombay, the land of different cultures and values- 7. The best way to describe the glorious Paan8. Luck has a great role in our lives9. The very essence of a woman’s thighs and why is it considered one of the most intimate regions.

10. Love is a surreal thing- This quote tells us that we seldom pay any heed or attention to the minutest details and instead of understanding, we are so lost in that mist of love.11.  The act of fate12. The Courtship according to Gregory David Roberts

All these quotes from the popular book, Shantaram, written by David Gregory Roberts hold the power to really inspire you. This book will make you fall in love with its perceptions about life. Catch the glimpse of a man’s glorious struggles in life only in Shantaram!



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