Holiday Gift Guide For the Family Intellectual

Is there any person in your family who you always find reading books or journals or debating a lot on every issue, the one who always has something to say and the one you find with their head ducked behind a newspaper, early in the morning? Well, this person is definitely the INTELLECTUAL of your family. If we see the dictionary meaning of the intellectual, then- an intellectual is the person possessing a highly developed intellect or the one who loves to brainstorm, read books, debate or hold long discussions. The creative writers, debaters, editors, copy editors, readers and all that class of people who associate themselves with reading and talking, can call themselves an intellectual.

Well, the problem arises when you need to gift something to an intellectual. There is this cloud of huge confusion, ‘what to get them?’ Their favorite author book? No, that would be too cliché or predictable. Then, a free subscription to their favorite newspaper? Well, that would be just too simple.

Let’s browse a list of creative gift ideas for the intellectuals in your family-

1. A Convenient Notepad
There is a kind of notebook which has clear demarcation of the pages, which can be very convenient for a writer or an intellectual to jot down things which come in their mind. For the one who brainstorms a lot, this notebook can be really handy and nice.

2. Let’s Play Some Chess.
An intellectual seeks & enjoys constant stimulation. They are very hyperactive creatures who can’t stay still. They breed on dynamism and fun activities. And what’s a better gift than chess to get thier brains working!

3. A Fragrance to Please the Senses.
For an intellectual, if  constant stimulation is necessary, then a little rest and peace is good too. One needs to calm down and relax to get re-energized again! That’s why, a set of scented candles like lavender, lily of the valley or rose can do wonders. Just light this candle when you are taking that dip into the Jacuzzi just before you sleep, or just near to your bed while you are taking a nap.

4. Books are a Man’s Best Friends.
Gifting books to an intellectual can never be cliche or too predictable. If you gift the right books, then you’ll happen to stun them like never before. Just research a little on what and which author they like and get them those books which they haven’t still read.

5. A free ticket to the city in which their favorite author was born.
One can get a free ticket to London for the intellectual in their family as many English authors were born there, like William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, etc. You would really catch that look of sheer happiness when they’ll hold that ticket. Every intellectual dreams of being at the place where their favorite author was born.

6. A gist of Wanderlust
Just like an intellectual needs stimulation, they also need a change of place and people. Old places and people make them bored & detached. An intellectual loves to travel around, interact with new people and explore new places. So, it would really be a wonderful experience if you invite them along with you on a trip.

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