Here’s What You Should Gift the ‘Always Busy’ Girl

Being Busy in this 21st century is kind of predictable. Whether the person is a corporate lawyer or a stock broker, a fashion designer or cricketer, a writer or a dancer, everyone is loaded with to-do-lists that keep them going round the clock. They seldom get a chance to wait and ponder, to stop and stare or else to reflect. For them, ‘Carpe diem’ can’t be a way of life. They need their days planned in those strict bullet points, need to follow that code of conduct, that constructive consistency which gets them results. Such people always hang a watch around their neck, without which they can’t really function. For such a busy person we often wonder ‘What gift could earn us appreciation?’

If we set out to buy some holiday gifts for our friend, who is in every sense, a workaholic, then what should we look at? Corporate work clothes? A self-help book? A playlist of motivational songs and inspiring movies? Well, these are the options which go down the line of ‘predictability’. Ditch such cliches and try gifting your busy girl something more valuable & fun.

Here’s a list of perfect gift ideas for the busy girl in town-

1. Take her Out For Some Fun.
Yes, tell her to get ready after work and trash that ‘bag of work related excuses’ which she always carries around with her. Surprise her with her favorite dinner, dessert and that place which she always likes going to, but doesn’t fins enough time to. At the dining table, avoid the topic of work and initiate random topics, which interest her. Ask her about her favorite past times, sports, and other co-curricular activities. That way, she would feel much lighter and happier than ever before.

2. Call her old friends at home & Surprise her.
Ring her old pals, whom she isn’t able to meet often because of so much work-load. Maybe on the weekend when she doesn’t have to rush to the office early in the morning, you can ring all her old buddies to come over for a dinner. That would make her feel loved and cherished. The feelings she clearly had no time to cherish at all, would again be rekindled.

3. Gift her a Party Dress.
Yes, refrain from getting her those corporate work clothes. Instead get a loud & glamorous party dress which can propel her to go out on the weekends, instead of hogging a bucket of popcorn, seated in front of the television. Rekindle that teenage girl spirit in her.

4. Ask Her to Prepare a Bucket List for Herself.
Encourage her to prepare a ‘Bucket List’ for herself where she jots down everything which she hasn’t done till now in life, for instance- exploring new places, eating at the funjust restaurants, talking to a stranger, partying in Las Vegas and many more. This list could become the best gift of her life as there’s no greater treasure  than experience.

5. Get her free Tickets for the Amusement Park.
Yes, let’s go back to childhood! Get her the tickets to sone amusement park and compel her to rejuvenate old memories of her childhood. Tell her to loosen up, get that tension off her shoulders and run like gazelle & feel free! That way, she would re-gain her energy.

6. Try Fishing.
Yes, fishing is such a surreal activity that can make her stay put at one place and get her talking with you, which would be really good for her. She can have some time off, away from the hustle-bustle of city life and closer to the nature.

7. Make Her Start a New Hobby.
It must have been a long time since she indulged herself into any kind of new activity. So, con owl her to start any kind of hobby classes like Yoga, Zumba, Arts, Crafts, Dancing, etc. This will really take her mind off things and give her the ultimatum to stretch out her muscles and re-boost her energy again.

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