Is He Into You? Find Out Here

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves…

This can go on forever. Stop wondering and check out his actions to know whether he is into you or not. Here are 7 signs that prove he is oh-so-smitten by you.

  1. When he laughs at your lame jokes

There can’t be any kind of alterations in the way anyone laughs, which means that a person has completely no control over the laughter. It’s the most natural thing to happen and it happens very outwardly. So, when you find your guy joining in the laughter with you, even at your lame jokes, then be sure that they’re into you.

  1. When he cannot help but care

(L-r) KATHERINE HEIGL as Holly Berenson and JOSH DUHAMEL as Eric Messer, holding Sophie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ romantic comedy “LIFE AS WE KNOW IT,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.


If your guy cannot help but care about you, your eating habits, daily requirements, work or other small-huge details, then he is totally interested in you. It takes a little more than just infatuation for a guy to actually care for a girl. So when your special someone floods your day with caring remarks, known that you’re on his hit list.

  1. When you catch a smile on  his face the moment he sees you

When he looks at you with a dazed stare like he is thinking something and then slowly a small smile creeps up on his face, that moment tells you a million unsaid things. The stupid smile which he is carrying around you is something which will always hint that he is interested in you.

  1. When you have his undivided attention

When he is all ears with you, even during his busiest hour, then know that you mean something to him. This small yet huge gesture proves that he regards you quite high in his life.

  1. When he complements you

Ah! The complements. Well this is sort of a natural tendency too, just like the laughter. A complement is just like shopping, you can never get enough of it. So, when your special someone pays you out-of-the-blue complements which just push you off the edge, then take it as a definite signal.

  1. When he gets possessive or jealous

    If he casts an angry glare the moment he sees you getting extra cosy with another guy, then it means that he is jealous and you might have even set yourself up for a verbal lecture once you get home. This possessiveness, the uprooting jealousy and that pursing of the lips, all look really sexy and can also create those amazing sparks between you guys.

  1. When he literally remembers everything you say or do

When he suddenly goes like, “Oh c’mon! Remember you said this…”.That’s how you can make out that this person, no matter what, always makes a mental note of your words or actions.


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