7 Reasons Why One Should Wear Perfume To Work

Fragrances have the power to liberate your soul, set your heart racing and give you a one minute meditation nap. They can send you down the memory lane and reminisce you of a dear one. Fragrances play a quintessential role in our lives and also our personality. Demonstrating the above said lines, some offices have organized scent free workplaces. Yet other highlight the importance of wearing a fragrance around the place of work.

Some of the world’s top perfume brands like Burberry, Paul Sebastian, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabanna or the glamorous Coco Chanel have worked their shinning and glittery ways into the wardrobes of every man and woman who scurries in a quick motion to spray that teeny bit of arousingly charming perfume before rushing off to work.

Simon Kneen, Banana republic’s Creative Director, remarks “I don’t wear just any fragrance to work. But I do think a modest scent is fairly alright. I do really believe in signature fragrances though. I have been wearing the same fragrance for 25 years, probably more than that. I wear Creed Erolfa, and people know me because of it. It’s not a common fragrance, so it’s not like you smell it on everyone when you are getting on the subway, which I also like. People definitely remember it.” This way you know that you are being justified to your own demands and the world’s.

Here’s a list of 7 reasons to wear a perfume to work & how it is beneficial for you-

  1. A fragrance relaxes you and clears your mind

Just like a walk in the park, an inhale-exhale exercise, a full glass of your favorite smoothie or a kiss from your beloved makes you go numb in your knees, gets your mind a 360 degree turn away from your nagging worries and makes you sigh profusely with happiness and content, similarly a perfume can make you experience this euphoria. You just have to select a fragrance which stands out from the crowd and says a friendly “Hi!” to you. It can be any, a mild husky one or a loud and distinctive one.

  1. A fragrance is the signature mark for your personality

One’s fragrance defines his/her personality. For instance, a loud and paunchy fragrance defines a bold personality & taste of a person, whereas a mild and modest fragrance describes a tranquil personality. While wearing a perfume in a meeting, where you are trying to create a first impression, apart from getting the work details and your appearance for the meeting right, also pay attention to what you want your fragrance to convey.

  1.  Fragrance attracts fragrance

All those advertisements in which they show a woman losing her rationale mind and getting attracted to a particular smell of a man are not all lies. If you are wearing a rose musk or a modern musky scent which has the capacity to lure women, with this mind crackling desire to fall in your arms, the fantasy can be turned into a reality very quickly.

  1. A fragrance sets a creative atmosphere for innovative thinking

A charmingly great fragrance can set a creative and innovate environment, which just brings your mind back to where it belongs. The taglines on many perfume brands speak for themselves. Some of them are as follows-

No Bottles to break, only hearts
– Arpege

Between love and madness lies obsession.
-Calvin Klein’s Obsession

I can’t seem to forget you, your Wind Song stays on my mind.
-Wind Song

The ultimate code of seduction for men.
-Armani Code for Men

  1. A fragrance keeps you focused

You should always carry a fragrance which gives you a centered and focused attention, which blares your insides to be creative and innovative and persistently gnaws up on your creative zeal to indulge in your work.


  1. A fragrance helps like a “refresh” button after a long day of work

A fragrance has an inbuilt quality to refresh your mind,and get those numb and dull cells working again. It rejuvenates your soul and makes everything feel like new again.

  1. A fragrance keeps you going relentlessly

A fragrance can evoke that power to be working without a halt. A person becomes an unstoppable force, when he/ she happens to wear that particular perfume which just creates an optimistic and motivational atmosphere for him/her.


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