Judgments, Scandals & More – Mara Martin At The Miami Swim Week 2018

What’s so unusual about a 5-month-old kid having her meal?? (Well, do read below for the answer) 

Hint:-the kid is not Taimur; nothing right, but well,  for some people, it was the most newsworthy incident ever, something that created history. Something revolutionary, something that gave a new meaning to #kidsatwork basically, all this fiasco is because a model walked the ramp breastfeeding her 5-month-old baby girl (yeah we used that word the one we don’t say it out loud -BREAST) and why the hell not, isn’t it the most natural order of nature, the kid is having her meal, haven’t they taught us at school not to stare while others are eating , it’s bad manners “Clearly the world has forgotten all its manners and honestly if I was that baby girl, I would be fuming 😤 nobody looks at my food like that because “my mommy is my mommy, none of your mommy “!

Well, imagine, 6-7 years later if she comes across this post, she would be like “You wanna do a how I met your mother with me, get a life guys!”

And if we are being any honest with ourselves we have all been there , done that , judged that girl wearing skimpy clothes and called her names , went nuts over that tribal woman breastfeeding her kid at a bus stop and thought, “why can’t these people use a restroom ,mannerless lot”, laughed at that overweight girl at the gym because ” what size do you think she wears ” made perception about the girl who said “vagina “out loud in public, because what is she talking and the list goes on . We judge, we give labels and we call them names and we get uncomfortable.

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This reminds of the Victorian Era when women and men too (yes you heard me right, patriarchs), used to wear corsets every day;  just so that they could look perfectly shaped. Just imagine, could it get more bizarre and another fashion concept was sold to the market of millions, who would love the idea, I am just guessing how much money the innovator would be earning, he could make a bed of it. I wish we were all even one percent of what Bruno Mars has preached “You are amazing, just the way you are”, thanks Bruno Mars, nobody took your life lesson seriously.

But you know something, let’s just stop giving these labels to everything that looks slightly out of the usual scene because “labels are so overrated” and as much as we still continue to adore Kareena in K3g, let’s admit, perfection is boring (and we are anything but boring right )

In today’s world, we talk of technology, innovation, path-breaking discoveries and still in spite of thinking of all the advances, we lack the drive ‘to get out of our comfort zone’. There are some people who dare to do that, any kind of behavioral change has never been an easy task and here we are talking of mass behavioral change. Miami Fashion Week created history this time when “Mara Martin”, the mother of a five-month-old walked the ramp while breastfeeding her five-month-old daughter Aria.

Mara Martin was so excited and overwhelmed to see the response of people for ‘something she does every day’. She was the talk of the town and news in all the headlines the next day. But here I would like to add, I am totally up for the cause she walked the ramp for. Why should breastfeeding in public be such a big taboo, be it the most developed or the most underdeveloped nations, isn’t it something which naturally gives the mother a right to be doing so? Who are we to judge the nature and the natural way?

But we like to claim on natural things, so we categorized this also as something which should be a private affair, but why? Can we not get out of our set comfort zone and what would even be uncomfortable about it, it should be the cutest and the purest ever sight to watch. There was someone who actually had the guts to write on her social media “Go to the bathroom and not Runway, where thousands of strangers can watch…Geez, stop being so dense! Not everyone needs to be put on display for the world to see! Get a grip on reality.”

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I mean, where do these people come from?  That is why I have always emphasized on the right kind of education or at least right kind of awareness and company. Due to such people, everything becomes a big deal, when it should be just a normal place.

So, the most interesting fact about the show was it featured all the body types and gave a message on body positivity.

We live in an era where all perfect things have been described, there is a perfect body type too and if you don’t fit in that, they look at you with weird faces, passing on various comments like ‘probably you should lose weight from thighs, that part is a bit heavy’. I mean excuse me? ‘You pay for my food or gym bills?’

But you know what, we (that girl in red pyjamas) strictly believe that ‘Perfection is boring’ and totally overrated. So go out their ladies, celebrate yourself, because there are others who are looking at you for getting that inspiration, let’s celebrate the Mara in each of us.



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