Drink Your Way To A Fitter Body

Water is like a magic potion that you should drink all throughout the day. The importance of staying hydrated cannot be exaggerated enough. Science has time & again proved that water keeps diseases & toxic substances away. Right from your skin to intestines, lungs, bones and teeth, every body part requires water for functioning effectively. Water also helps in proper digestion of food, enhances muscle growth and helps you in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance. But did you know that water can also help you get skinny or burn those extra kilos?

According to a recent study by a nutrition & fitness expert, Patrick Owen– the more water you drink, the more you can vitalize your weight loss. This operates and boils down to the interplay between the liver and kidney of human body. And as a matter of fact, human liver’s primary function is to mobilize the stored fat. If you aren’t consuming enough water, then your kidney’s efficiency will suffer, which means that your liver will have to do extra work, thus becoming less efficient at burning fat.

High Water Consumption = Lesser Fat Deposits

A recent study showed that more water a person drinks, the lesser deposits they tend to have. Not only will drinking water boost your liver’s ability to burn stored fat, it will also increase what is known as your ‘resting energy expenditure level’.

How Much Water Should You Consume?

A common myth is that you should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. However, the real amount might be much higher than that. It also depends on your size & weight. Owen recommends consuming eight ounces of water for every hour that you are awake. This practice will prevent the feeling of fatigue or headaches, as well as help you shed some kilos.

Also according to many studies, if you consume enough water, your body has to use extra calories to warm up the water so it can match the internal temperature. A number of researchers agree to the fact that drinking one to two liters of water per day (before the meals) may help with the weight loss too.

So what are you waiting for? Drink your way to a fitter, better and healthier life.

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