How Do You Kiss Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever been kissed by an Aries man? Because he is the one who would teach you what a passionate kiss really is, the kiss which can melt your insides like jelly or put a charming smile on your face throughout the day of hard grind. That’s a kiss worth a life time!

While some like the soft butterfly kisses, others knock you off with their passionate pecks. Let’s find out the messy kissers, the soft kissers and the “nail me hard” kissers over the zodiac wheel-

1. The Passionate Kissers- Aries

This fire sign is all about energy & passion. They’re the ones buzzing with profound energy, the ones who would not recline from trying new things with you, the ones who would keep your pleasure above anything else and the ones who would focus on your comfort first and then in spicing things up.

So when a lover focuses on your pleasures over his own, the one who seduces you first, then makes a move on you and the one who is a little shy at first and later wraps you up in his arms and shows you the stars,know that you have an Energetic Aries in your bed, baby!

2. The Sensuous Kissers-Taurus

This Earth sign is known for his sensuous nature and gentle voice. The Taurus lovers are gracious and silent admirers at first. They are known to take things slow in love, but when they are sure about you, they’ll waste no time in making you feel special. The sweet ways in which they make you feel special seem like travelling back in the fairy tale era where everything seems perfect and dreamy.

Taurus lovers are gentle kissers who love to indulge you in long kisses. They love sweet nibbles and playing with the tongue. Taurus ascendants have great full lips which make them oh-so irresistible. They are shy lovers so indulging them in some kind of sweet talk or any seducing actions would actually make them run to the opposite direction. Taurus men are the ones who always love to act on their instincts and then they are fully responsible for their actions too. They never plan or ponder. They are the bulls of the zodiacs. They CHARGE. When a Taurus is fully sure about you, no matter what, he would charge in your direction. Don’t be surprised if you are leaving the house with a little hickey on your face. (Oops!)

3. The Sexiest Kissers- Gemini

If you are with a lover, who has expressive eyes, flawless skin, sharp looks, and bubbling contagious energy with a dab of lavender or lily of the valley on their skin, with a stomach flipping sense of humor and a mouth which can put a million butterflies buzzing in your stomach, then be sure that you have got yourself the most exciting kisser of the zodiac.

This air sign, or should I say, who is known as the Social Butterfly of the zodiac wheel, is known for the talent of spicing things up. Gemini believes in making a moment last. Whether it’s about helping neighbors in gardening, baby sitting a niece, making a kid’s project or indulging in a kiss, everything and anything can become interesting with a Gemini by your side.

Don’t forget, a Gemini is creative and very innovative. They’ll never kiss you the same way again. Remember how they once surprised you with their “out of the blue” kiss when you were busy in some chore. Yes, Gemini are the ones who tend to kiss out of the blue. Their fanatic mind is always minting lovely romantic and heart thumping imaginations. Remember, Gemini are prone to take you on a roller coaster ride when you are behind the doors with these flighty,excited and jolly good folks. They tend to whisk you away in their own magical world where they can be the perfect versions of Mr.Grey and Mr.Darcy gelled into one.

4. The Romantic Kissers- Cancer

These water signs are known as the real romantic lovers who believe in writing long love letters to you, waiting at your doorstep to deliver you thousands of fresh red roses, which they must have bought on the way back from the office.These are the ones who would recline from plainly speaking their emotions as they believe in showing them in a classy manner.

Where Gemini people are a mixture of fantasy romance and sexy eroticism, the cancer lovers are made of Nicolas Sparks Novel and Jane Austen hot classic romance gelled into one. When a cancer kisses, he kisses likethere is no tomorrow. This is because when they kiss their whole universe is centered onto that moment. They kiss with their soul. They kiss like they have nothing to lose or win.

They are the ones who would indulge you, in deep kisses. They do get wild, of course!They are the ones who are totally consumed with the feeling of love so outrageously that it’s really hard to get them back to reality. So, the next time you indulge into such a heart stopping and mind blowing kiss, know that you have got a crab in your kitty. (Wink- Wink)

5. The Ferocious Kissers- Leo

This fire sign is the energetic lover, the dramatic romantic, the contagious kisser and what not! Leos are like everything rolled into one. They can be anything & everything you want and much more. This is thedark lover, the seductive friend, the unconditional romanticist, the possessive boyfriend, the one who would not mind spinning romantic tales sitting under the moonlight with you or pacing with great speed across the globe for you to taste the love in the washing wind.

They are the lovers who would show you twinkling stars in the daylight and still tell you that “Whatever time of the day it is, I can take you to the moon and stars each time you desire.” Leos are the king of the zodiac and so they are PROUD lovers. They want to make you feel the most special because when a Leo chooses you over the million people that means you are really SPECIAL to them.Leo is a total charmer. Their chivalrous ways, their classy attitude, their superbly romantic nature and their total indulgence with you just makes you so mad and deeply in love with them.

Leos are really passionate and wild kissers. They can take it slow, but as their fire is quite up the notch, they burn with big flames when they are incited with anything precisely romantic and sexy.

6. The Analytical Kissers- Virgo

Virgos are known for their cynicism and accuracy, their sincerity and loyalty. These signs do nothing just for the sake of it. They have a well-made  and tailored plan even when they are doing a thing as simple as burning extra calories in a gym. There is always a strategy, a plan or a thought behind their every action. So when a Virgo is in love or kissing, he tends to pay attention to everything. Their mercurial nature makes them a lover who tries out many different things.

Virgos reflect your body as a mirror. If your body is shouting to take the kiss slow and gentle or romantic and prolonged, then your Virgo lover would be adhering to it.If your body is panting with this erratic energy to not tackle you idly but thrust you to the wall, and kiss you hard, then your Virgo lover would deliver that too.So, that’s how it works with a Virgo lover, they are like a mirror to you. Show them what you want, and they’ll bring that to you.

7. The Fairytale Kissers- Libra

Libra’s kisses make you reach to the moon and back, they make you feel like a sleeping beauty who has been awakened from her deep slumber by the soft touch and a romantic peck of a daunt less lover. This is the type of kiss which is so tender like a feathery touch that it rinses all your worries and puts this intimidatingly charming smile on your face.

Libran lover is a sucker for classic and sophisticated things. So the time he chooses to take you out on a dinner date, be ready to see a white stallion carriage awaiting your presence at the door. When you see him in a black midnight tux, standing tall beside you like the handsome prince with a shining armor, when he swiftly slips a ring on your finger and then very delicately, like you are made of glass, he embraces you in his strong arms and places this dreamy kiss on your lips, know that it’s a Libran. Yes, Librans are the price charming types, the best movie kissers and the romantic squad of the zodiac.

8. The Dark Passionate Kissers- Scorpio

Scorpios are the dark passionate and the lovely romantic kissers, the ones who would thrust you back to the wall, who would prey on your skin like a hunter, who would hunt your smell, who would scrape your neck with the love hickeys, who would not recline from claiming you like his territory (Scorpions are possessive like that) and who would not shy away from involving some dirty dancing while they romance you into their beds.  This love run abashedly makes love, which feels like a deep romance affair with the involvement of creative erotic ways.

Scorpios are insatiable. Their wildness and their need to unravel every layer of you is mind boggling. A Scorpio is the kind of a lover who would be the reason your lips would be scorned, your neck would look like a ruthless battle has been fought there, your dress would be shambled in wrinkles and your eyes would have the kind of fire which you cannot tame, no matter how hard you try. So beware, if you have a scorpion lover, they are the love hunters of the zodiac.

9. The Fun-loving Kissers- Sagittarius

This fire sign is the anchor of the zodiac. A Sagittarius always gets what he sets his target at. Sagittarians are the ones who would not step back from trying different things with you, until and unless, it awakes their adventurous side. Sagittarius lovers have this bubbling and ecstatic energy to be adventurous and to think out of the box. They are the ones who would place small and fun kisses on your lips, who would take you on a roller coaster ride or scuba diving on the first date. They would dazzle you with a sudden kiss inside the ocean or a slender peck while zooming through the hot beautiful desert. So if you ever come across this kind of an adventurous lover, then know that you have an archer for yourself

10. The Magical Kissers- Capricorn

Capricorns can be called magical kissers as they use their magic tricks often. Capricorns are known to be nerve-wrenchingly ambitious and head on for achieving their goals in life. So if they desire anyone, they would not think before kissing you. They are like fire works bursting and all things nice when they kiss you. When they kiss, they kiss with their hands snaking around your waist and the other hand flipping through the locks of your hair, their one leg safely wrapped around you in a protective dance and at times their hands roaming all around you, feeling you, absorbing all of you. They are the people who would take a deep whiff of your neck, who would peep into your eyes and hold hands while they kiss you. They are the ones who could make you feel utterly at home, and at the same time, in heaven. Capricorns are also quite selective about who they kiss because a kiss like that can only be given to someone really privileged or special. A Capricorn doesn’t trust so easily so if they’re kissing you, consider yourself lucky.

11. The Cool Kissers-Aquarius

This water Bearer, the air sign, the wild one &the seeker is a cool kisser. By cool, I mean that Aquarians are the ones who have many skills up their sleeves. Aquarians are the ones who would roll up their sleeves and really show you what a kiss means. Yes, he kisses like he is teaching a whole bunch of people how-to.It’s fascinating to see him kiss. The coolness, laid back attitude, a relaxed aura and a comfortable stance, all this makes an Aquarian a really good kisser. He is one lover who can send you in a dreamy daze with just a touch. Yes, an Aquarian kisses like that.The whole world along with the person who’s being kissed, stop and stare!

12. The Considerate Kissers-Pisces

This water sign is like an enigma, a ball of raging fire, a deep bag of emotions and a real friend.When it comes to being in love, a Pisces is capable of giving lovely and long smooches to you. A Pisces is a little bit of a submissive and they would not mind if you take them for a spin and show them stars, or take them to the zoo, until and unless you treat them like royalty they are.

A Pisces is a shy lover at first, but as they gel with you and get to know you, they are the most refined and lovely lover you’ll ever get to meet.

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