I Search For You In The Night

I search for you in the night,
And the first morning light.

I search for you in a stranger’s smile,
And the roads that travel a mile.
I revisit all those old lanes in vain,
looking for just one glimpse of your smile insane.
I search for you in the empty corners of my home
and all the stars lost in the night.
I hold on to you tight,
Not wanting to lose your sight.
I search for you in all those musings,
And wishful fairytales that won’t come to life.
I search for you in cyberspace and Insta bubble,
And your words keep playing in my mind like an overheard carol

I search for you in promises covered with ashes,
And mornings covered with fog.
I wander empty streets looking for the feeling that disappeared with you.

I search for you in the countless hours of staring at my screen,
That once lit up with your name.
I aimlessly plan verses in my head,
Thinking that one day I’ll be able to tell you how much I loved you & it hurt.
I search for my peace as you slowly tear me apart,
And I rekindle those old flames that traverse me back to the start.
I search for you in all those red lights that won’t turn green
And all those places that would be left unseen.

I search for a heart that doesn’t have you painted all over it,
And a mind that doesn’t scream your name.
I search for a life that lets me stay in peace without you in it.

And no matter how much I assure myself that I’m fine,
I search for my smile that got lost somewhere with your shine.

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