7 Simple Yet Life-Changing Things To Do On Weekends

Hold your weekend tight before it slips away!

Weekend is your treat, not to miss-treat. Weekend is your break-through, not to break-up. Weekends are your utopia, not there to kindle your phobias. Weekends are there to relax and not to take your worries to the MAX. Weekends are there to cherish, and not to demolish. Weekends are there to clean your soul from all the piled-up negativity and not to breed it with stress.

Don’t make your time clock the barometer of your success rate. Our success rate is judged and misjudged by two role ways. One, for some people success is a constantly rising bank account irrespective how good their personal life is. Then there are this second type of people who believe in keeping it all balanced between work & personal life. I am sure you can easily relate to the second type, as everyone wants this but to get this, you really need to work hard. Actually, NO! There is no need to work hard (I guess, you are already doing that), but you need to work SMART. And that smartness comes in when one makes a good use of those two free days, called ‘the weekend’. Instead of lying in front of the television, re-kindle that old spark with your girlfriend, catch up with your wife & the kids and the single folks try to get yourself social. Thus, the weekends become the ‘balancing factor’ in your life that make you feel like a human rather than a money minting robot.

For instance, the celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson loves catching up with soccer whenever idle; architect Rafael Vainly prefers to play piano on those two idle days whereas the television Correspondent Bill McGowan chops firewood in his free time. This is how these renowned people indulge themselves in such simple tasks to untangle the tangled cob-webs in their minds. Let’s browse the 7 simple-yet-essential things that can make you enjoy your weekend at its BEST-

1. Subtract Your To-Do-Lists And Let Go.
Taking the support of your to-do-list to plan out your weekends is a very bad omen. It lands you straight on the couch of your therapist, searching for nirvana. What we miss out is the fact every hour of the day does not have to be planned, it has to be simply lived. The very factor of ‘uncertainty’ which we kill by jotting every hour into a fix bracket of ‘to-do-list’ is what lands you into that depression state. (And then people call the word ‘depression’ an over-hyped term. Alas!) So to gain your equilibrium and get your restless mind to rest, the best way is to leave yourself on an auto-mode button. Shed all those worries by searching for a distraction. ‘Temptation is a way of living’. So, get yourself tempted by those many delicacies life has to offer.

2. Break-Up With Technology And Date Your Life.
Technology is the best utility one has in this 21st century. It is such an easily accessible commodity that we have turned into its slaves. Without a mobile phone, we can’t imagine the next minute. These constant pings of texts have become the best symphony we can hear. That ‘tap’ of our Godspeed typing has become the nearest we are to exercising. Ask someone to try imagining their life without technology and they’ll go blank! But have you ever thought that your life would draw a BLANK soon if you continue neglecting it or keep ducking your head down to read that notification 24*7?

Better duck your phones in the drawers, lock it up and throw the keys away for the weekends. Raise your eyes to the early rays of sun, catch that curious looking stranger scribbling something on a fresh piece of paper, take a dip into those deepest oceans, paint your scrapped walls, meet your old friends; In short, catch those reins of effortlessness and hop on for a ride down the simpler life.

3. Introspection Is A Treat, TRY IT!
At times, introspection is what you need to get that momentary lapse of peace. When mind is in chaos, when the life is on a moving treadmill, when your closest peers have become distant and when it seems nothing is working out according to the plan, then INTROSPECTION comes handy. Just try to close your eyes, breathe, stand still and REFLECT.

Those holy gurus & meditation fanatics are right when they summarize meditation in one line and that is- ‘All answers lie within’.

4. Reflect Back And Improve.
One can resort sometime to planning, analyzing and reflecting on their past week’s performance. This act of designing a weekly report card is good which leads you to many solutions for your problems. Instead of lying around or being a couch potato, one can actually analyze their work performance and keep on improving.

5. Health is Wealth – Re-read the quote till it kicks in.
You can always try or catch on any kind of physical activity, say horse riding, walking or any kind of sport which you find exciting to get those muscles working. After all, you need a whole lot of stamina to get started again from Monday. So, try a new sport which can get you reeling with that insurmountable energy.

6. Start a New Hobby-                                                                                            Life is just too short to spend it all in minting those currency notes. Go forward and enjoy life by staring a new hobby say meditation, yoga, painting, writing or anything which gives you a high rush.

7. Catch on your Missed Hours of Sleep.
Sleep is the best meditation, best relaxation and best get-away anyone can get. So charge yourself by getting your dose of beauty-sleep.

Happy Weekend!


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