How Highly Successful People Deal With Stress

When you’re putting yourself out there in the world, taking new risks every single day to get closer to achieving your dreams, you’re bound to come across setbacks and people who will try to drag you down. Sometimes, things take unexpected turns and how people react to those in what marks the difference between ordinary people and highly successful people. These entrepreneurs and innovators have their pockets filled with tricks on how to turn a defeat into the next victory. If you want to be one of them, it is imperative that you learn these tricks and not let stress get the best of you. Only then can you keep moving forward, becoming more successful.

Here we have revealed the secrets of how highly successful people deal with stress.

1. Allow Yourself To Visualize The Bigger Picture

Many times, the stress that we burden ourselves with clouds our judgment and keeps us from achieving greatness. Later we regret it because if only we hadn’t let that small anxiety in the back of our mind grow, then we might’ve been ahead of where we are. Highly successful people always have the bigger picture in mind and hence, are able to discard the short-term complications. In such times, it’s best to practice the 5-by-5 rule:

“If it’s not gonna matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset by it.”

 2. Give Yourself Irresistible Incentives To Keep Pushing

Stress prays on our weaknesses, and as humans, we’re bound to have some. Another thing we’re bound to have is reasons for not giving up on our dreams. Once a mind is determined enough, there is no obstacle that will dare to get in its way. So remind yourself why your dream is important to you and list it out in case of stressful times so you can use it to keep pushing.

3. Do Frequent 1-Minute Meditations, Daily

Having a calm mind is one of the most essential traits of highly successful people. If you’re not able to keep your calm in a crisis, how can you even hope to solve it? Meditation not only establishes a sense of calm and peace in your mind but it builds a strong foundation on which you can grow by penetrating in the depths of your sub-conscious and training it to ultimately increase your focus and build a shield that will keep stress from entering your mind. Accommodate at least six to eight 1-minute meditations every day in your routine by taking deep, relaxing breaths. You can even use apps like Headspace, MINDBODY or Buddhify to help you practice it.

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.” – Saint Francis de Sales

4.  Smile, It’s That Simple

Psychologists at the University of Kansas performed some experiments and found out that when people smile in stressful situations, their heart rates are lower than when they don’t. Lower cardiovascular activity usually means that you’re not too hyped up or stresses and this is how smiling even in undesirable situations helps highly successful people avoid stress.

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5. Plan Out An Influential Motivation Routine

Stress plays tricks on our minds, draining us of motivation, inspiration, happiness, and purpose. Highly successful people tend to stay prepared for any circumstances they might face and this preparation comes to save the day whenever it’s needed. Such is the power of having healthy and inspirational exercises planned out and then performing them whenever in need of motivation. These exercises can be anything from reading a few pages from motivational books to getting encouraged by the traits of people you idolize.

6. Flex Those Muscles

Exercising is not only good for the body, but it also helps in shaping the mind. Whenever you exercise, your brain releases Endorphins that make you feel good and Norepinephrine that reduces stress. Highly successful people always have some sort of exercise routine infused in their busy schedules.

7. Befriend Stress

Kelly McGonigal argues that stress can be of two types – eustress and distress. The former type is the one that motivates you to get your work done while the latter type frustrates you and makes you lose control of your own fate. It’s no secret that perspectives play an important role in our lives. When we see stress as an enemy, it acts against us. But if we start seeing it as a friend, as something that wishes the best for us and is trying to tell us that we need to push ourselves, then that’s what it will be. Here’s the link to Kelly McGonigal’s TED talk on “How to make stress your friend” –

8. Strike A Power Pose

Highly successful people always have a certain mannerism that makes them irresistible. Their high-power poses help them remain confident and get what they want. Researchers from Harvard and Columbia published a study in the journal Psychological Science proving that sitting and standing in certain ways can boost your self-confidence and help in reducing stress. This is how your body language plays a vital role in deciding what vibes you radiate and absorb.

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9. Unplug From Technology

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to spend some time every day away from the world that never stops. Studies show that people who are too stuck to their phones, laptops, and ipads confine themselves away from the actual world leading to poor social skills and even depression. Some solitude time can help you in reinventing your thoughts and managing your emotions in a better way. Doing this will show a considerate amount of improvement in how you deal with stress.

10. Press The Reset Button Of Your Mind

It has been noted that many highly successful people who have very hectic schedules and are unable to take a lot of time to entertain themselves, take little breaks while they’re working or in a bad mood to watch small comedy clips on YouTube that instantly makes them laugh and lifts up their mood as it stimulates circulation and aids muscle relaxation, ultimately reducing stress.

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