15 Movie Quotes to Use as Wedding Vows at the Altar

 The wedding vows that blow your mind and make your knees go jelly, vows that crumble your insides, that let a lone happy tear sneak out from your eye and that have this affinity to be profoundly beautiful. These wedding vows have a way of travelling to the heart with their sweet meanings.

One can always recall the spell-binding moment in the famous movie “Breaking dawn”, when Edward and Bella recited their wedding vows and the whole world watched them starry-eyed! That was the moment, when the couples held hands in the theatre, when the girls sniffed on their boyfriends brand new shirts (and strangely the men let them do that), when some kissed in the corners and some smiled foolishly looking in each other’s eyes. Well, this Vampire love story really did bring everyone closer to this thing called love and marriage. Wedding is such a beautiful part of life, which has this passion for other person, blistered all over your soul, with the heart thudding inside your chest like a wild caged animal.

Here’s a list of the lovely quotes and sayings from Hollywood movies and TV serials to use as your wedding vows-

1. 17 again

The time when the lead Mike O’Donnell is in a great fix because his marriage is at its brink. And they both are there in the court, despite due to some karmic energy or voodoo powers, Mike has become his teenage self again, leaving his soul which is still the same age. He watched his wife helplessly and wanted to tell her the truth about his sudden change. But all he was left to do is read a letter from himself to his wife Scarlet- 2. 10 Things I Hate About You

This romantic-comedy Hollywood movie, which perfectly describes what it takes to maintain a relationship and then so intensely hate the little things which a person in love doesn’t do.

3. Titanic

The famous couple, onscreen and off screen, Rose and Jack, fill the hearts of the people with this desirous love feeling, which erupts your heart with happiness and puts a constant smile on your face.4. City of Angels

The perfect love saying which can be recited as a wedding vow in the church. The romance which enlivens both the people with this effervescent feeling of listening to his velveteen voice every day, to wake up every morning up to his beautiful smile and go through the life with him beside you.5. 50 First Dates

The perfect way to tell the girl you love with all your heart, mind and soul, the perfect set of words or the actions you put into to let her know that you love her completely and profoundly.

6. The Notebook

The perfect way to say that you love her at the wedding altar.

7. Juno

Let him know that you value him, no matter the imperfections.

8. Friends (Serial)

There is no perfect or set time to let them know that how much you love them and your existence is nothing without them in your lives. So go ahead, and let them know, on the wedding day, just like Monica and Chandler.9. Forces of Nature

Say this, and you have a perfect person beside you who will support you, love you endlessly and listen you ramble incoherent things, which would make you fall in love with them.10. Ghost of Girlfriends Past

At the wedding altar, when she walks towards you and there is this giddy feeling in your heart and a withering smile stitched across your face, your hands sweaty and your heartbeat is erratic, that’s exactly the best time to say, “Hey, I love you. Be mine forever”.

11. When Harry Met Sally

The best way to let him or her know that they are invaluable to you is to make them believe their presence is really precious to you and that they are the very reason you wake up smiling every day and go to bed with this satisfied feeling that no matter what, everything would be alright.

12. Pearl Harbour

A person is really needed to keep you sane from all the insanity caused by life. That’s what love is all about. It balances your insanity.13. Somewhere in Time

The vivacity to let those words out which would allow your love to fly across to the person around whom your whole universe centers.

14. Runaway Bride

Be the one for them and let them know the same.

15. The Time Traveler’s Wife

The sweet set of words which really open your heart to the one person whom you find irresistibly lovely.






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