February Tarotscope 2018- Know What The Stars Have In Store For You This Month

Hello February! Chapter 2 of 12 has already begun with much love. Do what makes you happy and loved.


Rejoice you fire sign as a sudden windfall of opportunities and prosperity is coming your way this February. Brace yourself and be open to receiving and seeing new opportunities (project, job, career) as the Universe is showering you with the much-deserved fruits of your hard work. This is also an excellent time to try out new things, so go kiss the world as it awaits you with open arms. Keep a tab during this month if you stumble upon any idea that strikes you or any meetups as the same would take you places (success-wise).


Don’t settle, create the life you want. If you aim for the stars, you will reach the moon. Help is just a call away, so reach out to those who always check on you. Don’t compromise on your dreams and aspirations, you have the Universe’s back. Keep releasing your fears and doubts, take some time out daily to manifest your desires and dreams. Life is all about the balance (yin-yang, giving and receiving, good & bad), you have been on the giving side, the guidance is asking you to be on the receiving side this February.


If you have been holding on to any grudges with your mother or motherly figure, then this is the time to burn the bridge. February is all about doing mushy things for the people you love (including your family) and going an extra mile to bring a smile on their faces. When you let go of the grudges you not only invite new experiences but also get a step closer to mental peace. It’s time to forgive and move on (create new memories), clear your heart chakra and let go of what doesn’t serve you.


Everybody has a masculine and a feminine energy within them and a lot of it is interlinked to the relationship you share with your family. February is a good time to free yourself from any tension brewing up with your father (fatherly figure). It’s all about focusing on the good and letting go of the ill. Ask the Universe to help you ease the tension that’s cropping up. Remember one thing- Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes but always a beautiful song. Have the willingness to free yourself from the grief of past issues.


Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. Don’t be the villain of your own life, allow yourself to only receive good things in life. This Februrary, surround yourself with all those people who lift you up and not who pull you down. Don’t let anybody dull your sparkle, keep dazzling. Keep your head high, beautiful. This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with yourself again, pamper yourself with all the things that make you happy. Go on a shopping spree, book a spa appointment or catch up with your girlfriends. It’s all about connecting with yourself again and realising your own worth.


Everyone on Earth has a treasure that awaits him. If you have been experiencing financial issues or constraints, then I am seeing this February will be full of financial abundance. You may get resources from unexpected sources. If you had lent money to your friends, then an inflow is definitely expected. Don’t forget to check your old jeans and wallet, you never know if you stumble upon some hidden treasures.


All work and no play would just end up making you duller and miss out on happy memories.This February take some time off and go out with people who matter to you, the same would help you in unwinding as well. Indulge in something new that would make you build everlasting memories. Friends will not only shower you with the necessary support but will also refresh your soul. Celebrations and reunions are lined up this month.


It is only in the darkness that you can see the stars. Don’t worry if you had been in doldrums for some time as the Universe is working out a plan for you. Keep manifesting as you are only a few steps away from giving your dreams a shape. You are being guided by the universe, pay attention to the signs and people you meet on this journey as they will act as a major support in near future. You didn’t come this far only to give up, keep marching ahead and you will be pleasantly surprised by the Universe’s plan.


You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. By not trying out new things, by not experiencing new things, by not taking risks you are only blocking your own growth. On the hindsight do listen to I want to break free by Queen as the same would definitely up your spirit this February. The world is giving you a platform to explore life and seek new experiences. Let go of the inhibitions and the fear. Break the shackles as your mind can be either the prison or the palace of your thoughts.


Close your eyes and make a wish. No kidding, I am serious, it’s a magical moment so don’t think too much. Close your eyes, even if it’s for a moment and make a wish (imagine the wish has already come true). Don’t forget to express gratitude to the Universe and your loved ones. Make a wish, take a chance and make a change. This February is all about miracles and love for you. Hold on tight, dearie. Up your game as wishes do come true.


Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains. You have been working hard lately and February is the time to rest. Take some time off and everything will be okay. Life is a balance between rest and movement. Take a break from all the chaos, go in your own cocoon. Slow down and hug yourself, take some time to smell the roses, for some hair spa or just sleep. Rest your mind and calm your heart. Fall in love with taking care of yourself- mind, body and soul.


Notice the repetitions and the patterns, the universe is guiding you with the signs. Pay attention to the conversations, to the vibes, to the people you work with. It is so very important to be vigilant. There are a couple of lessons you need to learn before you advance in life. Have you learnt the lessons yet? There is a chance that you may miss out on a crucial information, so the guidance is asking you to be observant. Keep asking your inner voice if you are on the right path, does it make you happy, is there anything extra you can do.

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