30+ Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Gentleman In Your Life

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, the time which couples look forward to in excitement, and singles in dread. Yes, we are talking about the Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner. For the guy who makes your world go round just by being in it, no ordinary gift would do justice. If you’re tired of the same old roses and chocolate routine, then don’t fret, we’ve got your back. Here’s a round-up of 30+ thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the gentleman in your life.

1. Michael Kors Hybrid Smartwatch

What it is: Move over smartphones. The age of the ‘smartwatch’ is here! This 163 g beauty has ‘classy’ written all over it.

Why he will love it: One of a man’s favourite and necessary accessories is the wristwatch. But why settle for any regular timepiece, when you can gift your beau the benefits of technology and a sleek watch all rolled into one. With activity tracking features, he will never forget another anniversary again.

2. Beard Grooming Kit

What it is: One of the most versatile and efficient beard grooming kits in the market.

Why he will love it: A well-groomed man fits the very archetype of a gentleman, which makes this one of the better Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there. Packed with a beard oil, wash, comb, balm & softener, this kit will ensure that your man looks dapper all the time.

3. Personalized Beer Mug

What it is: A 350 ml glass beer mug with an engraved design of your choice.

Why he will love it: Any man’s list of likes will most definitely have beer right at the top. So, a beer mug that reads his name or probably one of his favourite designs, will surely win you his heart. Bonus points if you accompany it with his personal favourite beer.

4. Meditation Chair

What it is: The perfect chair to tune in to your inner self.

Why he will love it: If your man has recently found a keen interest in meditation and yoga, then this is definitely one of the smartest Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you could come up with. With bolstered support for the back and feet, his comfortable meditation may even lead him to enlightenment.

5. Sony PlayStation 4

What it is: One of the most successful gaming consoles of this generation.

Why he will love it: You know what they say: all men are boys on the inside. And this gift will definitely cater to his inner child. Fair warning though: he may devote endless hours to his gift rather than to the one who bought it!

 6. Christian Dior Sauvage for Men

What it is: A top class fougère fragrance for gentlemen.

Why he will love it: If clothes make the man, then perfume defines him. And presenting this gift will only underscore the fact that he is the perfect gentleman for you, and in addition to that, the aroma will remind him of you all the time. What better gift can you think of?

7. Wurkin Stiffs Leather Wallet

What it is: Leather wallet made from Italian calfskin.

Why he will love it: Though what’s inside a wallet matters, what the wallet looks like on the outside is also important, which is why this leather wallet makes its case as one of the better Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can invest in.

8. Deep Blue Aviators

What it is: Blue lenses set in a silver frame.

Why he will love it: Which guy does not dream of looking dapper in sunglasses? And these Aviators will let your man up his style quotient as effortlessly as possible. Bonus points if you get him clicked in these sunglasses. 

9. Nikon D3400 D-SLR Camera

What it is: A 24.2-megapixel digital camera that can record videos in 4K UltraHD.

Why he will love it: If that gentleman of yours has an eye for aesthetics and detail, and has been bitten by the photography bug, then this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. An added bonus: you can get him to click professional looking photos of yourself in various poses a la a supermodel.

10. Bose QuietComfort-35 Wireless Headphones

What it is: Wireless noise-cancelling headphones with a volume-optimized equalizer.

Why he will love it: Movies after work or music at the gym. It does not matter, because these wireless headphones are the real deal when it comes to ultimate, immersive auditory technology. They are also light-weight, which makes them an audiophile’s dream.

11. Microsoft Xbox One S

What it is: One of the most successful gaming consoles of this generation.

Why he will love it: Another gaming console that will entice the child within him. The 4K Netflix and Amazon streaming and the 4K BluRay facilities seem like added bonuses in comparison, right?

12. Silk Sleep Mask

What it is: Silk Eye Mask made from 100% Mulberry silk.

Why he will love it: Who says that men don’t require beauty sleep? This essential sleep mask curated from 100% Mulberry silk will ensure a good night’s rest for your man, while the 18 essential amino acids present in it will rejuvenate his skin.

 13. WARMEN Faux Leather Gloves

What it is: Fashionable faux leather gloves with fleece lining.

Why he will love it: A stylish pair of gloves for driving a motorcycle or for texting on cool winter evenings, with wool-cashmere blended cuffs, this is one of the more trendy and chic Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there.

14. Skechers Running Shoes

What it is: Sports shoes that make you feel like the wind.

Why he will love it: These flexible and lightweight sports shoes are the perfect gift for the athletic gentleman in your life. The pair will provide great comfort and sole support as he embarks on yet another lap of jogging in his bid for achieving peak fitness.

15. Adidas Pdx hoodie

What it is: Ultramodern hoodie.

Why he will love it: What says casual more than a stylish hoodie? The answer: nothing. Which is why this black-and-white, drop-shouldered hoodie is one of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your significant other, especially when you plan on hitting the mall or watching a movie at the theatre.

16. Nike Training shirt

What it is: Running shirt that keeps you dry and warm in cold weather.

Why he will love it: The athletically oriented will love this gift, as it combines function and fashion into one. The fabric enables pockets of air between the shirt and his body, which means that it will not stick to his sweat when he is running or working out. The reflective finish is ideal for low light conditions for safety purposes.

17. Original S.W.A.T. Tactical boots

What it is: Insulated, waterproof and pathogen-proof tactical boots.

Why he will love it: If your man loves trekking and hiking over hill and mountain, or if he just wants to look cool and rugged, then buying these boots will just be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you could possibly think of for him.

18. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

What it is: 19 tools-in-one.

Why he will love it: One of the most versatile tools any man could hope for in his armoury, the Swiss Army Knife’s reputation of being a multipurpose powerhouse when it comes to tools and DIYs is the reason enough to get your man one of these ASAP.

19. Jansport Backpack

What it is: Roomy and comfortable backpack for travelling and casual use.

Why he will love it: If your man often succumbs to wanderlust, then this colourful backpack is a must for him. The quirky comic book-themed colour scheme will help him stand out from the crowd, not to mention its style and aesthetic quotients.

20. American Tourister Travel Suitcase

What it is: Hard sided strolley for the elegant traveller.

Why he will love it: The sophisticated look and spacious packing space inside make this another strong candidate among many other Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your travel-loving significant other. It is also waterproof and stain resistant to boot.

21. Sennheiser Sports Earphones

What it is: Stylish and attractive earphones for the athletically oriented.

Why he will love it: If your beau loves listening to music at the gym or while jogging, then this is the headset for him. The neckband provides balance during extreme physical activities, and the neon colour scheme adds to the peppy and sporty aesthetic.

22. Nintendo Switch

What it is: One of the most successful gaming consoles of this generation.

Why he will love it: Yet another gaming system to bring out the kid in your man. With popular titles like Super Mario and Pokémon at its disposal, this is an alternative choice if mainstream gaming consoles seem to bore him.

23. KEF Porsche Bluetooth speaker

What it is: Portable Bluetooth speaker that provides a luxurious listening experience.

Why he will love it: Combining the designs of Porsche and the advanced acoustics technology of KEF, this Bluetooth speaker will ensure a commanding audio performance on the move, whether at work or in his car or in a hotel room where he is attending yet another dreary conference.

24. Mont Blanc Gold Fountain Pen

What it is: Fountain pen with a 14K gold medium nib.

Why he will love it: The pen is mightier than the sword, and now it is more expensive than your jewellery perhaps. This golden nibbed pen offers luxury and grandiosity both in terms of the material it is made of, and the feel while writing with it. The gold in the nib only makes the ink flow that much richer.

25. Reebok Combat Noble Sneakers

What it is: Training sneakers that provide flexibility and durability.

Why he will love it: If your man is a regular patron of the gym or if he is a professional sportsperson, then these training sneakers are one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can hope to come up with. With aerodynamic technology contributing to their design, these sneakers provide tremendous traction without little to no tradeoffs

26. Crosley Portable Turntable

What it is: A dash of the 60’s mixed with the zing of the new millennium.

Why he will love it: Digital music files may be the order of the day, but there are many men with a sweet spot for ‘retro’ technology such as vinyl disks. This nifty little gadget converts data from these disks into digital files that can be played via USB. Say goodbye to nostalgia! It also doubles as an eye-catching piece of decoration and an interesting topic of conversation with guests.

27. Pizza Cutter and Shovel

What it is: Slices, collects and serves pizza slices with minimal mess.

Why he will love it: A must-have for those who seem to be perennially ordering pizza. A definite must-have for those who enjoy the pizza while binge-watching TV shows.

28. Adidas Multisport Training shoes

What it is: Multipurpose training shoes from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of footwear.

Why he will love it: With a sleek and yet rugged finish, these multipurpose shoes can be used for sports, as well as trekking and hiking. This all-rounder is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas if your beau is the outdoors type, and enjoys athletic activities and physical training.

29. Love Message In A Bottle

What is it: Typed message in a bottle

Why he will love it: This one might come off as a shocker but trust us, guys adore receiving cute love notes just as much as girls do. Go old school and tell your beau just how much you cherish him.

30. The Big Book Box Monthly Book Subscription

What it is: Monthly subscription for curated book collection delivered at your doorstep.

Why he will love it: If your perfect gentleman is an avid and voracious reader who finishes books like locusts razing entire crop fields, then this is the option for you. With different subscription plans at different rates, he will be ensured of a collection of new and popular books arriving at his doorstep every month on which he can whet his appetite.

31. Gift an Experience

What it is: From camping to skydiving to jet skiing, these websites allow you to gift the ultimate experience rather than an object.

Why he will love it: The outdoors beckon, and many an adventure awaits. If your significant other tends to be swayed by this notion, then this may be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. You can even gift him coupons that he can redeem on later dates. And with locations across the country and the world, it can also be a memorable bonding trip for the both of you.

Do you have any other Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for him? Don't forget to share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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