Everything You Need To Know About A Capricorn

A Capricorn is a warrior – the one who inspires people around him to value time and responsibility to lead in life.

Date: December 22— January 20

Element: Earth

Ruled by: Saturn

Following the doorsteps of their dreams and climbing the ladder of success, the sea goat is a great symbol of power and success in the Zodiac signs. Capricorns are those punctual clock hands who never miss any of their works and scheduled activities no matter what happens. They believe in defining their life with more of their achievements and not their words. They might seem to be rude and arrogant initially but, when you start knowing them in depth you’ll starting admiring their every move in life. Capricorns love discovering the hidden lessons of life from nature. They believe in their instincts and drive all their way with it. These quirky discipline beasts motivate others around them to lead life and face all the failures like a challenge. A little selfish in their decisions but at the same time selfless too. There truly a gem in themselves.

In a nutshell- instinctive, inspiring, dynamic, passionate, aggressive, great achiever etc.

I.How To Identify A Capricorn In A Crowd

Symbolizing “ The Goat” in the astrology, Capricorn stands to achieve a lot of success and appreciation in life. They might not indulge themselves in much of creativity and innovations but they are the hard workers and extremely focused on their job and responsibilities. Living a chart planned life, most of the Capricorns believe in being practical rather than flowing with their emotions. Their self-love and the extremely loyal character take them to great heights in life. They don’t like failures and keep trying until they are happy with what they achieve.

How does a Capricorn dress up?  

Cautious about their looks and outfit details, Capricorns are very subtle with their fashion glam. They match their outfits depending upon their surroundings and the season. Going plain and matching with the crowd is not a Capricorn’s fashion rule. They usually keep their wardrobe organized with work clothes and informal outfits separately. You’ll mostly find them in a neat classic combo and decent color combinations rather than the bright sharp colorful stripes. They like to present themselves calm and composed with their outfits in public.

What are their most striking features?

Capricorns are like the pole star of the sky. They might seem to be like the rest of the people in a crowd but eventually are the most unique and high end thinking people. There’s hardly any sense of humor in them and seem to be very serious with their attitude. But to be honest, these are the most determined and focused people of all. With a distinctive Saturnine face, prominent eyebrows and deep serious eyes, you can easily identify a Capricorn in a crowd.

Body Language

Classy and subtle, Capricorns like to look calm and composed with their body tone. They are definitely not a party person and are not much fond of crowded places. They like to do things in a relaxed way and prefer to hang out only with their close friends. Most of the time, you can’t really make out what’s in their head by their facial expressions. They seem to be calm but there’s a thunder of thoughts running behind their calmness. They like their own space and privacy.

How do they speak in a crowd?

Capricorns value their time and words a little too much. They really hate unnecessary talking with new people. But yes, there’s always a welcoming gesture for the existing people in their lives. They like to keep things very minimal in their conversation with the outer world. If you are close to a Capricorn then you are really very lucky as they prefer speaking openly only to the closed ones. With hardened thoughts and headstrong ideas, they prefer the company of the successful people from whom they can learn and direct their ambitions. Capricorns love knowing what people think, they are good listeners but bad speakers. Though they speak minimally yet those few words can really inspire someone to bring a great change in their lives.

What do they speak about generally?

There’s no room for casual gossip or chat with  Capricorns. Either they love talking about their work or else they listen about others work. Success and achieving their goal is what goes round in their clock which actually leaves no room for simple random talks. They are very keen to know the success stories behind the great legends. If you ever feel the need to push yourself with motivation, go and talk to a Capricorn. Be it life issues or business plans, Capricorns are the best ones to inspire and motivate others.

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II. One Thought That Empowers A Capricorn

“Time and Tide wait for no man.”

Capricorns are highly ambitious and goal oriented people. They calculate their moves and time like nothing else. They know it very well that lost time can never be found. Giving up on things is not at all their option and trying new ideas is never boring. They present themselves as the most unique and well disciplined of all.

III. Which Careers Are Best Suitable For A Capricorn?

Capricorns love what they do and what they want to do. They believe in following their dreams and fulfilling all the wishes of their heart. No matter what job it is or what it demands to be, Capricorns just know one thing that they have to accomplish all their goals and aims. The sea goat suits almost well in all those career fields which require organizational skills, patience, and consistency. They are someone who likes to grow in confidence and experience every up and down of life. But the best thing is that they possess a great deal of patience to see the end results.

10 Best Jobs For Capricorns

  1. Accountant
  2. Managerial Consultant
  3. Professional Organizer
  4. Financial Planner
  5. Real Estate Developer
  6. Antique Dealer
  7. Cashier
  8. Appraiser
  9. Business Consultant
  10. Teacher

IV. A Capricorn’s Purpose In Life

The goat expresses the ability to control the mind and develop a greater sense of inner peace. A Capricorn usually looks towards things from his own point of view and likes keeping his opinion above all. He knows that he has a different style of dealing with things and people around, but for him, nothing is important than self-satisfaction and his inner peace. Their focus and willpower is the strongest weapon with which they continue to live, Inspire and preach to others.

V. What Does A Capricorn Need In A Relationship

Capricorns expect a full commitment and dedication from their partners in a relationship. They might be a busy workaholic in reality but when the lights go off, they want someone who can love them wholeheartedly. A love so deep that nothing stands between a Capricorn and their partner. Though they are very bad at expressing their emotions in a relationship yet they take extra care of their partners and expect the same from them too.

Meanwhile, there’s one more thing that one cannot ignore the Capricorns. Their ambitions and goals are above all which sometimes make them a little extra selfish and obsessed with themselves. There are chances that they prioritize their goals first before their relationship.

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VI. How Is A Capricorn In Love

Capricorns are little reserved and uncomfortable while expressing their love. They might not be someone who appreciates and enjoys pre-decided dates but yes, they secretly do wish for the same. They love surprises and unexpected meetings as they highly believe in things that take place with the wish and will of universal force around them. They like taking things on slow and practical notes with their partner. It’s hard winning their trust but once you do, you have everything that you need from them.

VII. How To Woo A Capricorn

Capricorns are those unique ones who never get attracted by physical appearances of the people. With deep eyes and captivating smiles, they like mysterious people who don’t exaggerate themselves with their words rather their achievements do the talking in public. They hate chatterboxes. Capricorns love getting into some adventures where they can eventually learn something about life experiences. For them, isolation is like a power nap from where you return fresh and energized. They like to woo around with those people who are just like them. Perfect and punctual!

 VIII. How To Win A Capricorn’s Respect

Capricorns are straightforward people who speak the truth no matter what it may cause them in return. They hate lies and cheaters. Moreover, they like honest, hardworking and successful people. They have a unique way of judging people in a crowd. If you are someone who works hard and is determined to achieve your goals, then that’s it. You have already earned their respect. They are not status conscious but yes, they are definitely the ones who look into a person’s character and attitude the most among all his traits.

IX. What Makes A Capricorn Happy

It’s very obvious to understand that what makes a Capricorn happy. The sea goat seems to be rough and tough with its choices but to be honest, it isn’t that difficult. Capricorns actually is very simple an easy going people who don’t have complexities to understand. They just strive to be happy in their own way by achieving their goals and loving themselves before anyone else. They live with a basic and discipline principle of life to excel in what you can do and achieve it with your hard work. Meanwhile, they also love traveling

X. Which Indian City Does The Sign Resemble And Why?

Capricorns like taking challenges and winning over them. They keep their deal wise and smart. With beauty and intelligence, they keep their elegance high and maintained. Surat is a city that would perfectly compliment to the taste and lifestyle of a Capricorn. In the land of diamonds and business, Capricorns can set their own rules and discover a major part of their developments. The city life of this place goes very well with the Capricorns and gives them a surrounding that they always liked to be in. The Overlooking rivers, historic castles, and business centers might excite a Capricorn more than any other place to chill around.

 XI. Positive v/s Negative

Nothing can stop these goal achievers from having a practical approach for things and circumstances in life. You will never find them dealing with important matters casually. They are wise, ambitious and disciplined in the best way possible.

Talking about their negative traits, Capricorns are really very pessimistic about life. No matter how much they achieve, the quest for more never comes to an end. Moreover, they are really stubborn and self-centered in their decisions. Things they decide to do are always right for them, no other decision ever matters to them. You might also find Capricorns a little grumpy and moody at times. They think deep in their head and often get mood swings.

But overall, their confidence is something that everybody loves and admires despite all the negative traits.

XII. One Reminder For The Sign

Capricorns are very focused on their goals and achievements. Though they do all that they can do, with unlimited hard work and dedication yet can still fail at times. The sea goat instincts might go astray and wrong. But this should not upset them as they will eventually get back what they’ve been working for. The first and last thing to always remember for a Capricorn is that his hard work will never go in vain until he maintains his own positive power and attitude to deal with the things around.

XIII. If A Capricorn Were…

A Starbucks Drink:  Cappuccino

A Colour: Black, Indigo

A Greek God:  Apollo -god of music, song, poetry, prophecy, archery, and healing

An Addiction: Cocktails

An Alcoholic Beverage: Dry Martini

 In A High School Clique: Jocks

A City: Berlin, Germany

A Harry Potter House: Griffen do

An Untranslatable French Word: Cartonner — something that has had huge success

A Kiss: passionate

A Teen Movie: 17 Again

A Clothing Item: Denim

A Brand: Nike

A Famous Landmark:  Statue Of Liberty

 A Season: Autumn

XIV. Compatibility With The Other Zodiac Signs

1.Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility

Ratings: 9.6 / 10

Capricorn and Taurus are one of the best compatibles with each other. Their power to understand each other and complement each other in every situation keeps them together with a strong bond. Long walks and crazy adventures are something very common in them. Taurus seems to stick on with the Capricorn throughout their journey of life. They have a very fierce and powerful connection between them.

2.Capricorn and Aries Compatibility

Ratings: 5.7 / 10

There’s a sparkling chemistry between both these stars. They understand each other very well. Yet, they might not have that bond which would last for a long time. To be precise better as an occasional friend. It’s highly like there might occur power struggles between these two signs, putting a huge strain on their relationship. They not only differ in their preferences but also in various important perspectives of life they never seem to have a good match.

3.Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility

Ratings: 4.4 / 10

Capricorn and Gemini together are a very interesting combination of stars. Nature wise they may be different than each other but together they can be just perfect. Sharp and ambitious towards their goals, these two stars can compete for each other very interestingly in the long run. They may differ in their opinions and perspectives but their approach toward things is very practical and logical.

4.Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Ratings: 8.6  / 10

Capricorn and Cancer are the two attracting poles which remain cold throughout the year. The element water and earth flow very calmly with each other and in the same direction. Capricorn will always stand against every odd in the thick and thin of life with Cancer without giving space for any third person in their life. There may be days when things seem to be unsorted but eventually, they come back to each other in no time.

5.Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

Ratings: 5.1/ 10

Capricorn and Leo are those two starts which start walking on a journey together but end up in different directions with different destinations. They might be attracted to each other’s charm but as time passes by, they don’t seem to satisfy each other as expected. As a result, it may lead to frustration and unwanted compromise between the two.

6.Capricorn and Virgo Compatibility

Ratings: 7.8 / 10

Kindred soul and mature thinking, Capricorn and Virgo are good to go with each other. Their company might excite everyone around them and make them as one of the most admirable duos. Together there’s a lot of room for excitement, happiness, and success in life but there may come a time when the boat of their trust might quiver with odds of the world. It’s on them how they sail it to the shore.

7. Capricorn and Libra Compatibility

Ratings: 4.0 / 10

There’s hardly a match for these two stars in the compatibility test. Libra is one who never fits in one thought and principle of life whereas Capricorn has a solid and specific aim of life. Being together means, there’s a lot of space for misunderstandings and conflicts among each other. From emotions to an opinion, they repeal from each other in every possible way.

8. Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility

Ratings: 8.6 / 10

Capricorn and Scorpio are the power couples of the zodiac signs. Having a reserved attitude and practical thinking power, they have full faith in each other no matter what comes their way. They can take life into next level as both of them are very ambitious and hard working for their goals. Having own home, financial security and a happy family is like the most wanted thing for the duo.

9. Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility

Ratings: 8 / 10

The fate of this match depends upon the capability and ability to merge your strength. What can be more exciting than this that you are going to be with someone just like you? A Capricorn and Capricorn together are like the power couple whom everybody admires and praises as couple goals. They tend to have a healthy and solid foundation for their relationship and take things on a high note. There’s a lot of scope for success and happiness together.

10.Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

Ratings: 6.8 / 10

Capricorn and Aquarius are very cool and free-spirited signs who are emotional as well as humorous at the same time. Their quality time with each other is like the best part of the day where they share everything with each other. The earthy Capricorn will always make the Aquarius feel happy and safe but there might be few issues with their social protocols which doesn’t let them take their relationship to the next level.

11.Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility

Ratings: 6.3 / 10

The pieces are the most sensitive among all and Capricorns are very practical towards life. They offer each other a perspective that rounds them and adds dimension to their lives. Together these stars love exploring around new things and discovering the world in their own way. Well, there isn’t much scope for intimacy but yes, a special bond that will last for long is promised.

12.Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility

Ratings: 6.2 / 10

The compatibility between the archer and the sea goat is very dynamic and exploring. Together they don’t share a relationship that is deep and easy going but for sure they are a great source of the push for each other in life. The entrepreneur skill in both of them helps each other to lead and find better ways to achieve their goals. On a precise note, they are good as friends and nothing more than that.

XV. Famous Capricorn Personalities Of India

Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Sidharth Malhotra, Bipasha Basu, Imran Khan, Pulkit Samrat, Vidya Balan, Irrfan Khan, A. R. Rahman, Hrithik Roshan, Neil Mukesh.

A Capricorn is a warrior – the one who inspires people around him to value time and responsibility to lead in life.

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