How Dreaming Big Will Empower You Beyond Limits

 How Dreaming Big Will Empower You Beyond LimitsWith new-age inventions like digital love, guilt-free ice-cream, glasses that give sight to the blind and makeup for every skin tone, it’s a great time to be alive! These insanely good inventions that now seem a reality were once nothing but mere dreams that sprang up as irrational thoughts in a crazy dreamer’s mind who had the audacity to dream big.

However, have you ever stopped to wonder why only a fraction of us have the power to dream big, let alone making those dreams come true? The answer lies in our thought pattern. We still reside in a society that tells us to dream according to our status and not according to our heart’s desire. We’re told to dream from the position we are in, and not from the position we want to be in. And if anyone ever dares to dream beyond his current status, he is labelled as senseless, vain and unemployed. It’s crazy, isn’t it? To dream from a rut (low-life condition) and aspire for the stars.

Those who believe that you should dream according to your status/standards/money/etc., simply don’t understand the whole concept of dreaming.

The universe follows a simple notion of alignment, which states that no two contrasting energy carriers can be together and even if they share a tiny fraction of a second, they cannot stay put. So if you always stay in the rut and put limitations on your dreams, you just cannot expect to attract the high-life things. And to put a limitation on your dreams is to tell yourself that you deserve only a limited amount of success, a limited amount of money and a limited amount of happiness. And by doing this, you only force yourself to stay in the rut- the low-life condition.

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What if I told you that you not only deserve but can also possess unlimited success, unlimited money and unlimited happiness? What if I told you that you can achieve every single thing that you wish to? That’s a powerful promise, isn’t it? But guess what, I won’t promise this to you. You have to promise this to yourself.

You have to promise and make-believe yourself that you can get anything you wish in this world. Desire is a powerful tool and if you aren’t obsessed with your life right now, get obsessed with changing it.

Get obsessed with chasing your desires fearlessly at full speed. Get obsessed with indulging yourself in the things that light you up. Believe in whatever you are indulging yourself in right now because the energetic payback is coming soon. Just make sure it’s a positive energy pour.

What you put out there, will always come back magnified.

The Universe will always, always, ALWAYS, say yes to your desires.

The concept is simple: high-vibe people attract high-vibe things and low-vibe people attract low-vibe things. Sadly enough, many people are unable to grasp and use this simple concept to their own advantage. They keep telling themselves the same bullshit story as to why they can’t afford a bigger house, an expensive car and a better spouse and then end up wondering why they always attract troubles.

Have you ever wondered why do people living in high-life condition rarely confront you? Why do they forgive you even before you ask for their forgiveness? Why do they never hold a grudge no matter how much you screw up? Well, they’re doing this for themselves. They understand the simple concept that to hold a grudge is to lower your vibe and to lower your vibe is to repel all the high-life conditions. You’ll notice that such people are always up to something- the next goal, the next destination, the next dream, the next big thing. And being tied to their dreams is exactly what keeps such people sane.

They understand the simple yet striking notion that when you’re aligned to your highest self, that is when the magic happens.

So now ask these questions to yourself:

What would your life look like in a matter of months?

Where would you be?

How different would things be?

What is it that you would love doing without a hitch?

If you were looking for a reminder, then this is it.

This is the reminder to use your energy wisely. This is the reminder to dream bigger and take measured actions in the course of your dreams. The Universe is listening to you every minute of every hour and it takes your vibrations literally & seriously. For every single second you spend pouring your energy into people, jobs, or situations that don’t serve you, you take away the power that the same energy could’ve had on radically shifting your life into one beautiful work of art. Likewise, for every single second you spend pouring your energy into powerful and meaningful desires, you set standards for the universe.

The universe is listening to you, gorgeous soul. What message are you sending today?
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