A Desire Which Chokes & Calms You, Both At The Same Time

It starts with the interruption of evolutionary process.

It knocks on your door. You are excited as well as frightened.

When it starts, the process seems painful, sinful, even disastrous but slowly and steadily you start getting used to it.

Pain becomes pleasure, perspective of human body changes, and soon hobby becomes addiction.

The desires take a strong hold in your memory banks, creep into your narrations and start ruling every notion.

It becomes insatiable when you realize the harm it does to your soul yet without it, nothing seems worthy.

It presents a formidable challenge to pull the rug over and see the dirt, to keep the hands clean and dry, to evolve beyond the roses and see the thorns yet as long as there has been life on earth, these insatiable desires haven’t forgiven anyone.

Why they become so insatiable that your body rejects the authority of mind, your hands search for the fire knowing it will burn, and knowing that the instantaneous rush of blood won’t last for long still is being pursued relentlessly.

It has thrown kings in exile, mercenaries in the religion and soundest minds into pieces of mockery, still it breeds with every cell, multiplying each day to the point where even almighty death kneels down and perish.

It knows no age, it knows no limits. It is the tale that has been told over centuries and hasn’t lost the aura. Poets have fallen in love, painters painted world’s history in its magnanimous glory, Michelangelo sculpted the statue of David in its honor.
I honor those men who knew these desires yet prevailed on their own terms. I also honor the sinister who practiced it over centuries and still sees a glory in it. While I stand on the thin rope of unprejudiced faith in both sides, awaiting my enlightenment.

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