That’s How A Girl Slams Like A Badass In A Slam Poetry

Aranya Johar is a girl who spoke about fear, fearlessly through the medium of slam poetry. The one who gave voice to the thoughts which according to the society, shouldn’t be spoken. The one who started with a line, and won everyone’s attention.

“The first boy who held my hand, told me boys don’t want to hear about vaginas bleeding.” 

The poetry roared through the hazy clouds of jaded truths & women shamming. The poetry cut through the layer of misogyny. The poetry shunned the glittering diamonds, which the men’s eyes become when they see short skirts and take it as an ‘open invitation’.

This poem is the journal of every girl’s thoughts, about the world and the creature called ‘Man’ in it.

Aranya Johar’s poem “A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender”  has gone viral, all for good reasons. Watch the full video below.

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