EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: The Twenty-Something Bloggers

Blogging is the art of storytelling. Just like there is no poetic rhyme without the bent of emotion, similarly there is no blogging world without the ounce to tell a story. On this note, we, at The Social Lit, organised a blogging event titled ‘The Twenty-Something Bloggers’ in Jaipur city, at the well-known Cafe Lazy Mojo (Banquet). And, let me tell you guys, it was a great success. Not because all the tickets were sold, but because we seemed to ignite the old & new blogging souls of the city.

The event started with a fabulous ice-breaking game which set an interactive tone of the whole event. Under the ice-breaking game, all the people in the hall where asked to stand up, make a pair of two and shout with all the zest & energy, to the person in the front of them, “You’re beautiful”. (Yeah, all the men did that too!) Till the time people took their seats again, we could already see the shinning beacon of hope and curiosity which lit up their faces. To keep the fire blazing, we called upon the stage our first blogger-speaker, who is a blogger turned fashion designer and runs her own label called ‘Shiksha Bhansali’. The fashion insights and a talk on top five fashion blunders got the ball rolling in the court.

Next up, a session on lifestyle blogging was conducted by the LIT owners of The Social Lit- Nandni Gupta and Anjali Lakhi. They remarked that, “The single incitement which gets you blogging or writing that small piece in your personal diary, is curiosity”. They also gave meaningful insights on the latest trends in the world of lifestyle blogging, such as inbound marketing.

Then the event progressed towards the most exciting part, and that was an Entertainment quiz. It was divided into 5 parts- Digital round, Bollywood round, Ed Sheeran round, Geography round & New Age Slangs round. The quiz was really kick-ass with all the bloggers passionately competing with each other to win the amazing prizes sponsored by Goodwork.

After the fun quiz round, our esteemed Tech Blogger, Pawas Jain, the owner of The Tech portal gave valuable information on Technology and digital marketing. The way he handled the questions and doubts of the attendees was just spectacular.

Last but not the least, our vivacious Food Blogger, Priyamvada, the proud owner of The Foodie panda spoke about the how’s and why’s of food blogging. She really got all tummies churning with hunger strikes. The event rolled up, with exciting prize distributions to the Entertainment Quiz winners. Along with EQ, there was also ‘Click a crazy picture game’ whereby, our attendees were requested to get a crazy picture clicked at the entrance. These pictures were later displayed on the projector screens, whereby, the photo which got the maximum hooting and laughter from the audience, took away the prize.

The Twenty-Something Bloggers ended on a musical and happening note with an impromptu singing from the very talented Samarth Swarup.


1. Our first sponsor for the event was Goodwork diaries. We highly acknowledge and thank the Goodwork team for placing their confidence in us and supporting us by being our giveaway partner. Their gorgeous and eye-catching diaries really made the audience compete for the prize. A separate stall of diaries was also set-up at the event, attended by two of our volunteers. We, hereby, extend a warm welcome to Goodwork.

With their slight coffee-brown & maple-wood colored pages, vibrant cover designs and sleek look, Goodwork diaries are really something every blogger/writer must own.

2. Our next esteemed sponsor for the event was- The Juice Shop. Their freshly squeezed juices really got people excited and energetic right at the entrance. The blazing hot weather of Jaipur, was perfectly complimented by a delectable juice. We’re really grateful to The Juice Shop for taking part in this event as a sponsor.

3. In the end, we need to extend our warmest gratitude to our venue partners, Cafe Lazy Mojo. All throughout the planning and execution of this event, the café owners and staff have been a humble support and guide. Their newly opened banquet, Leeway, left people star-struck with gorgeous interiors, perfect lighting & sturdy architecture. Their work ethic along with their set of staff helped in making our event a total success.

4. Our digital partners, The Desi Diaries & The Urban Hub were remarkable in spreading the word about the event. We thank and acknowledge their display of trust in our work.

Along with the support of our esteemed partners and vivacious team, the Blogging Event was successful in striking a chord or two in the hearts of Jaipurites. To find an exclusive coverage of the event, check out DNA newspaper (11 April, 2017). For more up-beating events and activities like this, follow our social media profiles.

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