A Sneak Peak Into One Of The Oldest Cafés Of Jaipur

Jaipur, a lively, inviting city, is fondly referred to as the heart of Rajasthan. Even though it is developing so rapidly with having a metro and so many malls, the heritage of the city still thrives, not only within the chaar diwari (old city area)/ Pink City but also towards the more developed part of the city. At every step you take in this rather beautiful city of Jaipur, you see hints of the culture, the history this city was built amidst and what every single one of us has learned through the years about our customs and various traditions. It is reflected in the architecture, the art, the craft, the
food, and even the music. The city of Jaipur, along with the long list mentioned above, is also popular for the cafes that are speckled throughout the city. Amongst so many wonderful cafes, Café Kothi is one of the oldest in the city of Jaipur. It is located at 28, Civil Lines Rd, Suraj Nagar, Civil Lines, Jaipur.

Kothi essentially means a mansion-like house with high ceilings, made out of bricks. However, café Kothi is quite the opposite. It is an extremely tiny, quaint café. It has an outside sitting for about 6 to 7 people and an inside sitting as well. Although during the summer season, Jaipur’s temperature tends to rise above 40℃, and hence it is almost impossible to sit outside until and unless you have a very, very high tolerance for heat. The inside sitting, as I mentioned before, is quite small, which does make it a cozy setting. 

It is absolutely perfect for ones of those days where you have a lot of work to do, and just need some quiet place to do it. 

Imagine it this way. It is a Saturday; it is the weekend and you just want to sit back, watch one of your favorite tv series, eat some snacks, and basically just relax. However, your boss, or even your colleagues for that matter, put an enormous pile of work on you. Yep, it is frustrating to a whole new level, and naturally, you need some peace to get that work done. Trust me, Café Kothi is the ideal place to go to. You can sit there, catch up on work or even reply to those innumerable emails, maybe have a coffee (or two). 

Or imagine it this way. You have had the busiest and chaotic schedule of all time for the last few days or weeks, and have not had any time to socialize, just catch up with your friends and family. You do finally get some time after tireless striving but want a quiet and cozy place, Café Kothi is the way to go. It is just straight up amazing! 

As you walk in the café, there is a wall painting or a modern mural of a palm tree. The sitting outside is vibrant, and the sitting inside is a mixture of vibrant and duller hues. The café is rather picturesque and a balanced mixture of pleasant old fashioned as well as modern vibes. 

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It is not only perfect for locals, but also for tourists. It should definitely be on your itinerary if you are visiting the city of Jaipur. On the off chance that you wind up making a beeline for Jaipur. you need to fly by for lunch at this stunning bistro doing natural, veggie lover nourishment. Café Kothi is your neighborhood bistro for solace sustenance and pretty spaces.

Café Kothi is not very quirky or offbeat, making it more pleasing to the eyes. This really cool bistro is serving a menu concentrated on gourmet cooking with an Indian direction. Arranged and exhibited utilizing the best nature of fixings including gourmet espressos and teas – handpicked and sourced from the best bequests of India; vegan sustenance arranged with ranch new and privately sourced fixings; served by energetic and learned staff; in a warm and loosened up condition. It will be the spot to go to with companions or comfortable up in a tranquil corner with a decent book or a calm spot for work.

The menu is very different from your conventional café menus. There is no basic pizza, pasta or brownie, but a very distinct selection of food. It may not be the BEST place for kids if their taste buds are not accustomed to the variant taste. The elder ones, however, can devour the way the chefs incorporate independent flavors into one single dish. It is all organic and freshly made- from the main course to the deserts. Café Kothi is spectacular for all meals, but the best for an English style breakfast. They offer healthy, western food, that also suits the typical Indian taste buds. A gush of flavor rushes on your taste buds as you feast on the Quinoa Biryani or Affogato Roasted Coffee with vanilla ice cream. Imagine quenching your thirst with fresh hand-pressed juices. 

If you want to get ahold of a peaceful moment to step out of your chaotic life and eat some delicious food, just step into Café Kothi and you will be served well.

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