THE LANGUAGE OF COLORS: Meet Sanjoli Patni, Jaipur’s Most Creative Abstract Artist

From scintillating blue skies that stretch beyond your eyes to the mysteriously deep oceans and lush green landscapes, life is a kaleidoscope of colors that lend magic to each day. Bringing these colors to canvas, Jaipur’s most creative abstract artist Sanjoli Patni breathes life to blank slates, curating pieces of art that behold magnificence and mystery.

“Dance with the colours,
Move with the texture,
Let the rhythm of expressions,
set your soul free”.

~ Sanjoli Patni

The beauty of abstract art lies in the fact that every canvas is unlike another, and hence cannot be reproduced. Every abstract art carries a magical ambiguity that narrates a story and allows the onlooker to run his imagination wild and far. When an abstract artist’s brush strokes hit the canvas, a new story is waiting to unfold and a new emotion waiting to be captured.

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On being asked about her journey and self-expression through art, Sanjoli remarks, “Being an Abstract Artist, my work is mostly about expressing myself. When I paint, I rely entirely on my instincts. Through my work, I am constantly exploring the relationship between colour, light, and form.
Writing, drawing, and painting have always been my voice.”

She adds, “All my life I have had an undeniable urge to create art.
What began as a childhood hobby became an obsession that consumes my every day.”

To see more from Sanjoli Patni’s collection, visit her page here.

More About Sanjoli Patni

Sanjoli Patni is a full-time abstract artist currently living and working in Jaipur, India. In her recent work, she experiments with monochromatic, achromatic & neutral theme based portraits and sometimes the combination of all hues.

Sanjoli was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. As a child, she was a thinker, a dreamer however someone with clipped wings. As the society would demand it – to not to let her explore, to not to let her fly, that high, that was when the colours came to her aid. And that’s how the journey with colours began. Having that flare for the creativity she enrolled herself into an Interior Architecture course from a prestigious college.

After struggling between what she was doing & what she ever wanted to do, she realized that between the two she found solace in painting. She quickly exploited the opportunities in her hometown. Sanjoli has participated in exhibitions in Jaipur & New Delhi. She has won many accolades for all the creative works she has done so far.

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