10 Addictions That Are Actually Healthy For You

An addiction is that single strong thread which binds us to something, the thread which is unbreakable and if it breaks, we feel like broken. Addiction is that maddening drive to be attached to something or to someone. Addiction is the over-riding feeling which happens to secrete a sensational hormone, called dopamine.

Dopamine is everywhere, in every molecule which kindles you with a mind blowing passion. Dopamine is in love & lust, music & dance, friendship & adventure, life & its exciting events. Therefore, whether you are a gamble-addict, love-addict or work-addict, dopamine is the main role-player. Whether you are getting excited by a Michael Jackson song, staring fondly in your lover’s eyes, riding over a cliff on a house, running on a foggy winter morning or just hearing the word – love, this dopamine can make you reach for the stars and crash back right into the seas. Your maddening drive, excitement or addiction can be anything. One of the most addicting & consequential addictions is love, love which binds you & frees you at the same time, love which is air under your wings, which is that motivational force in your lives, love which makes you weep a truckloads of tears & at times, it’s the reason why you are smiling the whole day. Love is that molecular element without which we cannot survive or trudge ahead in life. Love is the need & greed of all.

We’ve often heard that an addiction to something is bad because addiction leads you to the extremes, to the point that you can lose your sanity. But, what if I say that some addictions can actually be life saviors for you? Let’s find out all those addictions which are in a way good for you-

1. Feeding a Bookworm inside you | An Addiction for Books.
Reading is the essence of life. Reading is the window to your soul. Reading makes your imagination cultivated and makes you experience a lot by staying at one place and if you do any excess of this, well there’s no harm as long as you don’t become a couch potato.

As found out by the researchers, reading should be like eating. Read one line, and then stop. Let it enliven all your senses, let it stay and wait if it has something to teach you or invoke something in you. And then, let it go inside. Don’t mug up, gulp it down and forget about it. Every book is like a brand new experience waiting to happen. So, keep that habit alive!

2. Gym Calling | An Addiction for Fitness.
Keeping those muscles fit and keeping your heart beat in right working order can sometimes become an obsession. The rush that you experience when you feel that fresh air on your face as you run, the view of the lush green nature awakening to the early rays of the sun, the sound of the nature singing in your ears and that peace you feel when the only thing which keeps you going is your own heartbeat. This whole work-out experience, whether it is in an enclosed space called gym or an open space, it’s breath-taking. I can totally feel your addiction for fitness. The only fact that you need to take care about is not over-exerting your body. Keep it balanced. Keep your body self-assured, directly proportional to how much you burn in the work-out.

3. Social Butterfly | An Addiction for Meeting New People.
Ah! This one can be the addiction of tons of people out there and also a far-fetched dream of many. The extroverts who revel in the lime light and company of many people dream of such a thing. Socializing is a good way of nurturing your experiences. Listening to other people’s perspectives about life, seeing them do things differently and interacting with them about yourself are things that are very enriching in your lives.
So, keep up the socializing if that’s your addiction and right in the middle of so many voices, just don’t stop listening to your own. Be there, but then don’t get lost and always listen to what YOU have got to say.

4. Wanderlust | An Addiction for Catching the Newest Adventure.
Here’s another good one! Adventure is the rush that makes you come alive to all your senses. It is something which puts that maddening sparkle in your eyes and awakens your soul from a deep slumber. So, if you have a knack to climb big mountains, dive into the deepest oceans, light a fire in the darkest forest, ride on a jungle safari amidst the wildlife or talk to the animals in your own language, then that’s what we call WANDERLUST.
However, it is quintessential to strike a balance between adventure and life. Adventure is great till the point that you don’t lose your life. So live free, but be a little cautious too.

5. Self-made | Addiction of Doing Everything Yourself.
Well, this is a type of addiction which many people have but may be they haven’t discovered it yet or recline from accepting it. It is the sort of obsession where you reject all the helping hands because you want to do everything yourself or maybe because you don’t trust others with it. Starting from waking up in the morning till you go back to sleep, you are on your toes, juggling tasks, running errands and handling it all yourself. You don’t get fully satisfied until and unless you do that thing yourself.
This addiction of being your own boss, taking control of your own life and being spot-on independent is just amazing as long as you don’t wear yourself out.

6. Everything at its place & a place for everything | An Addiction with Everything Accurate & Apt.
There is also another addiction, where you want to subtract all the extra things, and you would love to see everything very concrete and apt. You feel at rest only when a particular thing is accurate according to you. While OCD might be a very strong term for it, but it does affect a lot us right from early adulthood. This addiction of keeping everything at its place can actually help you in all those times that you’re in a rush.

7. Music for Soul | An Addiction for Music.
The rhythm of music, the lyrics which flip your heart out and the rush of those popping beats are very contagious. Music brings peace, contemplation, joy and harmony in life. It teaches you a million lessons and leaves a thousand impressions. It traverses you down the memory lanes and makes you nostalgic to the core. That’s what music does to you. You feel at peace and at the same time, you feel inspired.

8. Laughter is the best medicine | An Addiction for Being Hilariously Funny Every time.
There are times when you realize everything you do or every way you approach your life has a funny quotient in it. You always find people laughing in your company because you have a funny take on everything. This is called the addiction to being funny. It is actually a gifted talent that not many possess. Now this is one addiction that is not only healthy for you but also for those around you.

9. Let’s Move That Muscle | An Addiction for Dancing.
Dancing yourself to the rhythm of the songs or tunes is another good addiction for you. It frees your soul & transports you to another world. It wakes you up and makes you play to the rhythm of life. The moment a beat plays you go on auto-dancing mode and it feels like music has the remote control to your moves. That’s an addiction to dance and enjoy.

10. Spirituality is Bliss | An Addiction for the Spiritual Activities.
Being spiritual is another healthy and rejuvenating addiction. Indulging yourself in those practices of Buddhism, awakening your inner peace and listening to nature lends a different meaning to life. Being spiritual is a soul-awakening practice. The more you practice it, the better you feel!

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