SUMMER 2017 TREND: Tie The Knot

Supermodel Iman once remarked that, ‘In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic” and since then this quote has spammed our Instagram feeds like anything. However, what if that very trend itself is a huge comeback of an old classic style? You heard us right. The bows & knots trend of 90s is back and how. Right from supermodels to designers, bloggers, fashion critics and influencers, everyone can be seen slapping details of bows & knots in some tiny corners of their blouses, skirts, denims and what not.

It’s officially the season to tie the knot (well, not literally). The recent bow trend might look like snatched from Minnie mouse, however it’s anything but comical. This recent trend is just the plot twist we were waiting for to up our daily wardrobe game. It happens so many times that you feel like wearing basics, but they seem a little incomplete or boring to you. Well, knots are the solution. This subtle, cool-girl trend adds just the right hit of femininity or sports-luxe to your outfit.


While the fashion world is going crazy about hurling knots, bows and laces to every piece of garment, you can also hop on the trend ride and try one yourself. Since the fashion industry is always in a hot pursuit of the runway fads, this one trend won’t break your bank.  You can find stunning denim numbers with cord details at H&M or Topshop, as well as knotted blouses at Mango, or kinked skirts at Zara.

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