Tripping Over Fashion Blunders? 7 Pointers For Every Girl Who Loves Fashion

Every girl’s wardrobe tells a story and every wardrobe has some staples- like that linen white boyfriend-shirt that saved your ass numerous times or the LBD you have pulled off in various styles (So much for a sassy Instagram profile). However, to keep up your fashionable status-quo at all times, diversity has got to be your daddy and you have to stay devoted to it, anyhow. After all, labels are like kick-starters to your afternoons & sultry-nights and fashion is nothing but style speaking louder than brands.

Nevertheless, in the constant bid to being fashionable or dandy 24*7, we often commit some blunders or disasters that get embedded in the history & gossip columns.

Here are the topmost fashion blunders you need to stop making right away. 

  1.  Delayed-Stitching Plans

Every girl has that one dress (or maybe more) with some rippled threads peeking out. The laid-back lazy attitude bargains you to wear that dress, one last time. You promise yourself that you will take it to the tailor tomorrow, but that tomorrow never comes. Well, a lot many girls can relate to this.

Fashion-Tip: Always do a quick wardrobe check-up, once in a while and make a bundle of those clothes which need a little bit of tailoring.

2. Repeat Mode: On

Hey look at that, isn’t she wearing the same top which she wore in Roby’s party last winter?

Well, many of us have a crazy habit of adorning our favorite outfit over and over again, until that little piece of clothing starts showing up signs of wear & tear and begs for mercy.

Fashion Tip: Dump that old rugged jeans; the acid washed jeans is strictly a no-no in refined surroundings. Again, that cliched LBD of yours, needs a re-trip back to the wardrobe. Throw some colors to your personality, pick dandy over dim clothing and be experimental with your personal style. Leave people guessing and talking about ‘what you wore last night’.

3. That Old Pal- Overused Lingerie

We’ve all experienced the sheer embarrassment when that thin lining of your not-so-seamless T-Shirt bra pops out. A sudden angry thought chimes up, ‘I bought it from the best store out there, it said SEAMLESS!’ But, honey, everything has an expiry date. That’s the reason, the store comes up with newer and better lingerie. The body-con dresses become a farce, just when there seam-less goes see-through.

Fashion-Tip: Pamper yourself with the best undergarments. It is a girl’s luxury to shop for the right lingerie that doesn’t betray.

4. The Use & Throw Clothing

Being a girl can get really overwhelming at times, especially when the credit card limit has reached. This is where thrift shops step in. The same thrift shops that were once friend-zoned, suddenly become your best friends. However, the major problem with these use & throw garments is that their expiry date comes much earlier than expected.

Fashion Tip: If you own thrifty clothes, you have got to be cautious with their use. Just remember to limit their appearance and pair them up with some branded pieces to subdue the thriftiness. Make sure that at least one piece in your outfit is expensive.

5. The Goes-With-Every-Garment Bag

Every girl owns a bag or clutch which happens to be her longtime affair and she just can’t seem to give it up. Be it bohemian bag, that black clutch with sequins or else that beige shoulder-bag, a bag on repeat-mode is seriously a turn-off.

Fashion Tip: Experimenting makes your personality come alive. Treat yourself to the varieties out there. Trust us, an investment in designer handbags will always be worth it, as they carry your essentials everywhere.

6. Chipped Nail Polish

Even though chipped nail-polish is a common sight, it cannot be overlooked. In this busy and money-crunching life, the need to capitalize your time on beauty treatments doesn’t seem such a good thought. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot make use of the night time or else the idle weekends to catch up on your beauty hour.

Fashion Tip: Capitalizing your time on yourself is always a great deal. So, just take some time out for yourself, other things can wait. Self-grooming is a great relief in this complex world. Treat yourself to a hot tub bath to soften your nails, and trim them afterwards. After you shape them up,  just moisturize your skin and apply a neat layer of your favortie shade.

7. That Out-Of-The-Bed look

The messy look is such an old news. The shabby look, with your hair all over the place, is certainly not the best one you can do.

Fashion-Tip: Surrender yourself to new hairstyles, like the pushed-back hair, the tight ponytail, the No-bullshit straightened hair or else the whimsy out-curls. Don’t forget that nicely done hair always add a certain charm to your face.


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