30 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Lady In Your Life

30 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For The Lady In Your Life

Whether you’re newly dating, happily married or somewhere in between, gifting your lady love something thoughtful this Valentine’s Day is a surefire way to secure a spot in her good books. Ditch the cliche chocolates + roses routine and try something new. From fragrances to bags, balms and bracelets, here’s a curated list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will surely woo her.

1. Michael Kors Mini Darci Gold-Tone Watch


What it is: Water resistant, gold-tone, analogue-quartz watch.

Why she’ll love it: Telling the time has never been this stylish. A sleek watch with a gold frame and a ruby red dial face, it’s more jewellery than an accessory and will ensure that your lady is never late for the future dinner dates.

2. Caprese Porsche Black Tote Bag

What it is: Faux leather tote bag.

Why she’ll love it: Calling this bag chic and sleek would be a massive understatement. Being one of the more stylish Valentine’s Day gift ideas, this tote bag will be the perfect addition to your lady’s wardrobe.

3. Chanel No 5

What it is: Refined and balanced fragrance for an evening out.

Why she’ll love it: Nothing says romantic more than the perfect perfume, and the Chanel No. 5 is the closest thing to perfection one can find. The iconic concoction is a popular buy across the world, and will certainly set many a heart aflutter.

4. Babyliss D321E Expert 2100W Hairdryer

What it is: 75 kmph blow dryer.

Why she’ll love it: Say goodbye to bad hair days with this product. One of the more practical Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there, this hairdryer will leave your lady’s hair softer than silk and stronger than steel in no time.

5. Palson Automatic Hair Curler, Ultra-Fast Heat Roller And Wave Styler

What it is: Ceramic-coated hair curler with LCD display.

Why she’ll love it: Speaking of hair days, why not add an extra twist to your lady’s hairdo by… literally adding an extra twist, and a few curls to boot. Smooth and soft curls in minimal time with no static electricity. Enough said!

6. Maybelline York Length Waterproof Mascara

What it is: Mascara from one of the leading beauty product manufacturers in the world.

Why she’ll love it: This well-crafted mascara will be a “must-buy” on any lady’s “to-buy” list, so why not surprise, and impress, her by buying it for her. A mascara made for all weathers and all seasons is certainly one of the better Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to choose.

7. Lakmé Enrich Satin Lip Color

What it is: Lip gloss from one of the leading beauty product manufacturers in the world.

Why she’ll love it: Why not up the oomph factor by gifting your lady this powerful and seductive lip gloss? A dab of this will make every word she utters sound like silken purring.

8. Revlon Nail Enamel: Fuchsia Fever

What it is: Silk-silicone formula-based nail polish.

Why she’ll love it: Moving along with Valentine’s Days gift ideas themed on beauty, this vibrant and vivid nail enamel will scream out “elegant” on your lady’s fingers. Being a multipurpose polish, she can rock it both at work and on date night.

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9. Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash

What it is: A pumice-based hand wash and exfoliator.

Why she’ll love it: The earthy and woody tones mixed with the right notes of citrus fragrance make this an attractive option for your lady, particularly if she’s non-compromising on hygiene.

10. Sensai Cellular Performance Eye Contour Balm

What it is: Anti-ageing and moisturizing eye cream.

Why she’ll love it: All work and no play gives you dark circles under your eyes, and if the lady in your life falls in this category, then this the most apt Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can ever hope to purchase. Function blended with fashion!

11. Josie Maran Pure & Free Argan Essentials Set

What it is: Argan oil-based beauty set.

Why she’ll love it: If you’re the indecisive kind on what beauty product to buy for your significant other, then why not buy all of them! This beauty set comes with skin care products loaded with the Moroccan goodness of argan oil.

12. Vera Bradley Large Zip Cosmetic Case

What it is: Quilled cotton case for cosmetics.

Why she’ll love it: If your perfect woman already has tonnes of cosmetic products already, then why not buy her something to put them in, especially while travelling. This chic case is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the fashion conscious woman.

13. Rose Ingot Drop Earrings In Swarovski Crystals With Emerald stone

What it is: 85.2% pure sterling silver earrings with emerald stone set in marquise crystals.

Why she’ll love it: Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but why not surprise your lady by gifting her jewellery with an exclusive set of stones. Take these Swarovski earrings for instance, set with emeralds that will remind you and her of tropical beaches and the open ocean.

14. African Amethyst White Topaz Dangle Earrings

What it is: Purple cushion amethyst and topaz set in 925 sterling silver.

Why she’ll love it: Speaking of different types of stones in jewellery, the deep purple of these amethyst-topaz earrings will dazzle your heart as they shake to and fro on your lady’s earlobes.

15. Yutii Rich Royal Blue Crystal Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Designer Bracelet

What it is: Bracelet with blue stone on gold-plated base metal.

Why she’ll love it: The irresistible combination of royal blue and glamorous gold make this bracelet a must have for all fashion aficionados. It goes well with both traditional and casual attire, and will make your lady feel like a queen.

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16. Knotted Pearl Necklace

What it is: Individually knotted pearl necklace.

Why she’ll love it: The sheer master class of pearls is that their real worth lies in their unassuming nature, and when strung together, as is the case in this necklace, they make for one of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can buy for your woman.

17. Kate Spade Astor Court Clutch

What it is: Quilted neda leather wallet.

Why she’ll love it: Gone are the days where accessories were merely functional. Now, they have to ooze class and style, which is exactly what this black leather clutch does. Perfect for an evening out in a fancy restaurant or a gala.

18. Eliza Fringe Cross-Body Bag

What it is: Cross-body bag with long faux suede fringing detail.

Why she’ll love it: If the lady in your life constantly lives life on the bohemian side, then this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can come up with. The mere swaying of the fringing is enough to make people go “ooh la la” every time she enters a room!

19. JanSport Maatangi Handloom Made Cross Body Hobo Bag

What it is: Backpack made with handloom fabric.

Why she’ll love it: If your lady loves travelling or backpacking or trekking, then this is the perfect option to gift her this Valentine’s Day. This spacious and stylish backpack includes various handcrafted designs and embellishments, and is surely one of a kind. Just like the woman of your dreams.

20. Tommy Hilfiger Mabel Nylon Navy Backpack

What it is: Versatile backpack for everyday activities.

Why she’ll love it: Backpacks are a quintessential feature of urban living, which is why this is one of the most practical AND fashionable Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there. Perfect for study, work, and general travel!

21. Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses

What it is: Stylish and übercool sunglasses.

Why she’ll love it: What better way to stay cool in the stay than with these cool sunglasses? The unconventional design underscores the exclusiveness of these glasses, and your lady will certainly love them on those long rides across the open roads.

22. Yankee Candle Company Fresh Cut Roses Candle (Set of 6)

What it is: Aromatic candles made from pure paraffin wax around pure cotton wicks.

Why she’ll love it: Scented candles have long been used to set up a romantic atmosphere, and the fragrance of freshly cut roses from these candles will surely up that factor by many times. One of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas if you’re planning for a candle-lit dinner on that day.

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23. Laura Ashley 29-Inch Preserved Boxwood Topiary Ball in Clay Planter

What it is: Preserved boxwood tree inclusive of planter and spray.

Why she’ll love it: This has the right amount of green to liven up your concrete abode. The preserved tree needs to be sprayed just once a month, and it will improve the décor of your lady’s home by giving it an aesthetic appeal.

24. Handcrafted Wooden Antique Flower Vase

What it is: Vase handcrafted with seasoned solid wood and premium natural finishing.

Why she’ll love it: If the woman in your life prefers fresh, live flowers, then this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. The intricate carving gives it a sophisticated look, and is a boon for her senses as she runs her fingers over the wood.

25. TomTom Spark 3 Fitness Sports Watch

What it is: Fitness sports watch with GPS, multiple sport modes, 24×7 activity tracking and a wrist based optical heart rate sensor.

Why she’ll love it: This is a must have for all fitness lovers, and if your lady is one, then we don’t have to tell you that this is all you ever have to get her for her to fall in love with you all over again.

26. Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i Earbud Sports Headphone

What it is: Sports earphones with EarFin holding system.

Why she’ll love it: Another product that will appeal to fitness lovers, these earphones ensure that your significant other can listen to her favourite workout playlist as she jogs, runs, or lifts weights.

27. Skechers Go Run Forza Track and Field Shoes

What it is: Synthetic sports shoes with enhanced support and flexibility.

Why she’ll love it: A good pair of running shoes is an essential requirement of any fitness lover, which is why these shoes are a good gift to get the lady in your life to make sure that however fast or wherever she runs, she will always run back to you.

28. Ivanka Trump Berni Dress Sandal

What it is: Sandals with raw-edged leather and a chunky wooden heel.

Why she’ll love it: If these sandals bear the stamp of the daughter of the President of the United States, then it surely is a gift you have to get your lady, right? The fun yet professional design means that she can wear them to work as well as to your romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.

29. Harry Potter Adult Edition Hardback Boxed Set

What it is: The entire Harry Potter book series featuring elegant new interiors and stylish cover art.

Why she’ll love it: If the woman of your dreams is a Potterhead (who isn’t?), then this limited edition book set with gorgeous covers will certainly work its magic on her, and she will definitely be charmed and spellbound by your taste in gift buying.

30. Handpresso Outdoor Set


What it is: Ultra-portable size and quick-brewing Handpresso pump.

Why she’ll love it: I’m sure your lady loves drinking coffee at work and at home, but what if you’re on a road trip or travelling through the middle of nowhere, and she gets the sudden urge to indulge in some caffeine? Well, this handy and portable espresso maker is your answer (obviously).


So there you have it guys. No more racking the insides of your heads to come up with some romantic or meaningful Valentine’s Day gift ideas. This list makes it easy for you. All you have to do is pick the one that best suits your lady’s interests, and voila!


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