How To Wear Whites Without Looking Washed Out

Have you ever seen someone who tried to pull an all-white look, but ended up looking like a ghost instead? Have you ever been that someone? If yes, then I bet you envy all those top-notch celebrities and models who make it seem like it’s effortless to wear whites and look like an angel. But what you don’t know is that there are so many tiny little details taken care of behind the curtains while they plan those heavenly appearances. Worry not ladies, we’ve come to your rescue with all the secrets you need to know to make your whites look just as heavenly.

Here’s how to wear whites without looking washed out.

1. Get A Tan

The purpose of wearing whites is to stand out and you can achieve that by making your skin-tone resonate with the shade of white you’re gonna be wearing. A perfect example is Selena Gomez’s 2018 Met Gala outfit and the way she made it look stunning by her gorgeous tan. Make sure you pick a tan that matches your outfit as well as your original skin-tone, you don’t wanna mess it up.

“A tan is the best accessory for any outfit.” –Kourtney Kardashian

2. Aim For Slim And Sophisticated

Whites are supposed to help you flaunt your curves with confidence and flatter the shape of your body, making you look slim and sexy. But you don’t want your whites to be tight or sticking to your body, resulting in the opposite of what you intended. So pick the right size that will compliment your body the way it is.

“Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady” –Marilyn Monroe

3. No Need To Keep It Strictly White

You can create a fresh look by adding some color to your whites. Colors like turquoise, coral, lavender or peach blend flawlessly with white. You can add a colored accessory like a scarf or a purse to flatter your outfit and you’ll be creating your original fashion statement.

4. Pick The Right Fabric

You’d be wise to choose cotton or linen over nylon or polyester as the synthetic look the latter come with completely neglect the idea of elegance that you can achieve by the former fabrics. Natural fibers not only offer the right amount of comfort your skin needs but also add a luxurious look to your outfit. Make sure that the clothes you wear underneath your whites match your skin tone so the white pops.

5. Choose Shades That Compliment Your Skin-tone

Most of us have undertoned skin that is usually pinkish or pale. We need to take that into consideration while selecting the shade of the whites we wanna wear. For instance, ivory would go well with cool pink undertones while eggshell or sandstorm compliments warm yellowish undertones. Always remember, there’s a right shade of white for your skin-tone, you just have to go out and find it.

6. Get Playful With The 50 Shades Of White

With so many variations in shades to pick from, your skin will definitely crave for more than one. Don’t hold back if you wish to switch from ivory to snow or from beige to vanilla every time you wear whites. Try out new mixes in shades of whites and try leveling them to get a new shade that will definitely stand out. This will help you expand your variety in whites and keep things fun.

7. Let The Texture Bring Flair To Your Outfit

A simple way to keep your whites intriguing is to play with different textures by combining trends. Fringes and ruffles on your white outfit may add the desired appeal to it without making it seem like you’re trying. You can even select the textures based on seasons such as furs in winters and flares in summer and flaunt the variety of white that you can rock effortlessly like a diva.

8. The Magic Of Makeup

Even if you pick the perfect white and get a tan, but forget to focus on your makeup, then you risk looking washed out. Pay extra attention to let your makeup make a bold statement by keeping it soft and on point. You don’t wanna overdo it by applying makeup that is too bold for your outfit. So be careful in keeping it subtle and still making it stand out.

For the love of white, go on and work on your collection now, so you can live your fairytale and rock the fairy princess look.

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