Our Love Affair With DIOR’s Latest “Squeezable” Mascara

You rarely stumble upon a mascara that fits your lashes like maybe it’s been made solely for them, like maybe it’s your OTP. At TSL Hustle ground, we’re definitely no foreigners to Dior’s iconic range of mascaras. After all, we’re self-claimed lash junkies. The highly celebrated Diorshow formula has been a rage amongst the millenials since a decade now. However, the brand’s latest release, Pump ‘N’ Volume is like a miracle on its own, so much that we cannot help falling for it.

The product comes packed in a tube that’s looks like your normal mascara stick from the outside. However, it actually contains a silicon tube that is gently squeezed for application. Living up to its name, the tube lets us plump the formula into the precast brush, enhancing volume in an already powerfully voluminous formula. Guess what, it’s time to bid goodbye to those falsies. This notion was essentially gathered from makeup artists, who warm makeup between their hands to make the formula flatter and easier to apply. Tell us one reason to not love this super mascara, we’ll wait.


Diorshow devotees can dig me when I say that their products can actually turn the skimpiest of fringes into a lush rainforest. However, this latest addition to their clan is simply the next level. The brush grips and coats every strand of hair, outlining your lashes without clattering. Much like other brands, Dior’s latest formula dries completely without making your lashes feel taut. This sets out a way for eyelashes that are compactly voluminous yet fluttery, just like those falsies. If you don’t believe us, go check it out yourself.

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