7 Beautiful Destinations To Discover In Jaipur

You are always welcome to the vibrant city of Jaipur! What once started with pink, is now a ride through a plethora of colors all ready to serve your senses. Be it the delectable aroma from the streets of the old city or the vibrancy of colorful, rich culture or the warmth of smiles greeting you through their gates, you are always in for an amusing experience!

Although no length of stay is enough for you to discover it all if you’re here for some, these are the top 7 spots you must visit

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Sujan Rajmahal

With its trio of restaurants, formal gardens and modern conveniences, this property is aesthetic heaven for its visitors. This is on the top of our list specifically for its interiors and royal treatment. We bet you’ll be left wanting for more as you bid farewell to this experience! Even if you’re not in for the stay, they have an array of facilities for you to spoil yourself with. The Sujan Spa, the gorgeous exteriors and multiple dining & cuisine options lay ready for you to come splurge over!

Timings for visiting the food places are:

The Rajmahal Cafe – 11am to 11pm

The Collonnade – 7am to 11pm

Fifty One Shades of Pink – 7am to 4pm

Orient Occidental – 7pm to 11pm

Cafe Panchranga – 11am to 11pm

The Polo Bar – 11am to 11pm

You can easily reserve extravagant rooms & spa for yourself and get other information from their aesthetic website:


City Palace

Located in the old city, this museum is around 10 minutes away from the traditional Jaipur local markets. It is one of the oldest establishments of the city of Jaipur, approximately the same age as that of the city! It is one of the most-visited attractions well-known for its architecture and tradition. The architectural style is a combination of Rajput, Mughal and European influence. It is one of those heritage sites of the country initiated by Maharaja Sarai Jai Singh II himself. It’s construction started in 1727 and is headed by chairperson Rajamata Padmini Devi of Jaipur. Currently, it is run by Princess Diya Kumari. Consisting of several palaces, courtyards, temples, gardens and a fascinating display of royal costumes & old weapons, it is a royal treat to watch an intricately furnished part of the culture and lifestyle of Rajasthani kings & queens. Somehow, you are bound to find yourself in the reverie of historical echoes as your eyes engulf more & more of this sovereign past.

Opening hours of the Palace are:

9:30 am to 5 pm.

You’ll need around 2-3 hours for the whole visit.

Charges vary for the visit to museum and palace:

For Indians, INR 100 for the exteriors & INR 130 for the museum

For non-Indians, INR 500 for the exteriors & INR 900 for the museum.

Tip: Being a large walking complex, dress up with good footwear. Don’t worry about water; there are facilities there. Do enquire for guides for an easy & informative journey inside. Also, you can shop for some sweet Rajasthani souvenir here!

Jaipur Local Markets

These are the best outlets to taste the roots of Rajasthani merchandise. Although Jaipur, as a city has come a long way after hopping on the train of development, it has never forgotten where it came from. These local markets carry the inner feelings of the vibrant culture Jaipur is famous for. Chromatic sights, blingy accessories and of course bargaining form the main attractions of these retail outlets. Even if you don’t plan on lightening your pockets, these shops are still not going to disappoint you. You can find an array of items from the handbags & clothing items with traditional mirror-work on them to precious gemstone jewelry to contemporary Rajasthani “juttis” (footwear) to pretty handicrafts, you will get it all! Not to forget the unforgettable street delicacies you’re not gonna get enough of, especially in Bapu Bazar and MI Road!

Some of the places to experience it while you’re here are:

Bapu Bazar 

Johari Bazar

Tripolia Bazar

Chhoti Chaupad

Badi Chaupad

Kishanpole Bazar

MI Road 

Visiting hours:

11 am to 8 pm

Closed on Sundays

Govind Dev Ji Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is located within the City Palace premises. According to Wikipedia, ‘It is amongst the 7 temples of Thakur of Vrindavan, including Sri Radhavallabh Ji, Shri Bankey Bihari Ji, Shri Govind Dev Ji, and four others.’ It was Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who brought the murti here from Vrindavan. While you’re in the warm city of Jaipur, you should opt for a visit to this lively place for its serenity. A place where it’s easier to experience the tranquility of the higher souls, the Govind Dev Ji Temple also forms a sight to behold with its magnificent decorations and prayer or “aaratis”, as they call it here. 

Entry: Free

Aarti timings at Govind Dev Ji temple: 

4:30 am – 5:00 am, 7:30 am – 8:45 am, 9:30 am – 10:15 am, 11:00 am – 11:30 am, 5:45 pm – 6:15 pm, 6:45 pm – 8:00 pm, and 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Abhaneri was originally called Abha Nagri. It is a village 95 km from Jaipur. A great place to experience the desert area around Jaipur from far, it forms a famous tourist attraction. Now in ruins, it consists of the largest and oldest “baoris” or stepwells in the state, known as the Change Baori. To counter the shortage of water in the desert area, the locals invented this and other step wells to reserve water for use in the dry seasons. This place soon started being used as a cool place to relax in the hot summers. Encompassed in the nostalgic remains of Rajasthani history, everywhere you look around is blanketed in the undertones of muddy yellow. This step-well also served as a place for washing hands and feet before visiting the nearby temple, the Harshat Mata Temple. Harshat Mata is considered the goddess of joy & happiness.

You can hire a cab for the day or opt for buses to reach your destination.

October-March is considered the best time to visit this attraction straight from a photographer’s dream.

Visiting hours: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Entry: Free


Located on both ends of the city stretched out lengthwise, are forts boasting of the rich and magnificent past of its rulers. One direction takes you to Nahargarh Fort. Situated on the edge of the Aravali Hills, it was once a medium of strong defense system of the kingdom of Jaipur. Literally translating to ‘abode of tigers’, it was named after Nahar Singh Bhomia, in the memory of whom, a temple is also built here. Also, there is a wax museum in the premises for you to enjoy.

On the way to Nahargarh is Jal Mahal, meaning Water Palace. It is situated in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. A Rajput style of architectural beauty, the aesthetics of looking at a palace on water is another level of dreamy; especially with the lighting after evening. You can enjoy the view here with a cup of coffee from Cafe Coffee Day from across the road and sit looking at the palace from afar, while you contemplate the beauty of life. 

Located on the opposite end of Jaipur, is the Amber Fort or Amer Fort, as it is popularity called. It is a traditionally stylish place with its gates in series and other elements inculcated in the paths styling of the palace, inspired more by the Mughal architecture. 

Visiting Hours:

Nahargarh – 10am to 5:30pm

Amer Fort – 10am to 5pm

Visit Duration: around 2-3 hours

Entry Fees:

Nahargarh – INR 200 (for non-Indians), 

INR 50 (for Indians), INR 25 (for students)

Nahargarh Wax Museum – INR 350

Amer Fort – INR 550 (for non-Indians), 

INR 100 (for Indians)

Tapri Central & Shikaar Bagh

Tapri Central Jaipur
Shikar Bagh, Jaipur

These are two restaurants you must not miss visiting, when in Jaipur!

The Tapri Central in C-Scheme is a quirky yet beautiful place to go have some lip-smacking snacks. Everything, from their menu cards to the waiters’ T-shirts to their website subtly throw quirk in your face and yup can’t help but smile. Their menu contains traditional Indian breakfasts prepared to be loved by the youngest of the lot and beautiful evening snacks a Jaipurite would be proud of in front of his/her visitor friend. Do try their Namkeen Shots, mini “idlis” and maska bun! If you’re a tea drinker, you must visit this place because originally it was the place famous in Jaipur for hosting around 40 varieties of tea. If nothing, the masala chai is the best!

Another restaurant we’re talking about, is Shikaar Bagh, around 5 minutes away from Tapri. Situated in the premises of Narain Niwas Hotel, it is the best amalgamation of darkness, fairy lights, tasty food, pleasing aesthetics and warm hospitality in the most casual manner. The yellow “dal”, which is not on the menu but is prepared on request is a must-have! The best part about it is open late till the next day’s afternoon and re-opens by evening. So, if you’ve got some hungry woes past 10 and are in for some good quality food, this is your pick!


Visiting Hours:

Tapri Central – 12:30pm to 10:15pm (Tuesday), 7:30am to 10:15pm (other days)

Shikaar Bagh – 12am to 12pm, 5pm to 12am

Hope you have a good time!

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