Starbucks’ All-New Unicorn Frappuccino Is Exactly What Dreams Are Made Of

Via- PopsugarSo you’re clearly someone who loves being up-to-date with all the food fads. After all, you’re here, aren’t you?

We are sure that, by now, you must have come across a range of rainbow cakes, macaroons and other deserts based on the whimsy theme. Maybe you also have a kind of like-dislike feeling about this dreamy, colourful, but now everywhere idea.

However, before you begin to get blasé of this idea, here’s an amazing fact: Starbucks’, America’s most favored coffee chain, has finally launched a Unicorn Frappuccino, taking our obsession to a whole new level. After all, Starbucks has always been a game-changer brand in innovating ideas that customers will go crazy over. Mediocre has never been their forte.

This super adorable and fictionally gorgeous looking drink is more than what you’re thinking of it. What do we mean by this? Well, Starbucks didn’t simply pop some color in one of its ordinary drinks, like the existing trend. It went a step ahead.


You read it right. The Frappuccino, concocted with mango syrup, sweet pink powder, and a swirl of sour blue powder, changes its color on stirring it up. It first appears as a whimsy purple beverage, with a hint of aquamarine blue, but the moment you give it a good stir, it quickly turns pink! So, if you’re searching for some little magic to add to your life, this is totally it. However, the bumming news as of now is that this drink is available only in the Starbucks’ stores across U.S., Canada and Mexico, from April 19 to April 23, until supplies last.

Let’s hope and wish that Starbucks hears our prayers and extends this adorable beverage to other countries as well.


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