My ‘Just In Time’ Relationship With The Selfie Culture

Blue Swimsuit self portrait

Selfie comes as that blaring loud alarm, waking you up from a deep slumber and there you are, all about making the angle right. The light should be perfect. The filters should be in variety. The dynamism should be dripping from every other corner of your Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Facebook can do the weeping as you go about channeling all your energy to Snapchat and Instagram. These two can give you a better company than half a Netflix movie & that half eaten pizza with your better half. Well, the culture is kicking strong, thanks to Kim Kardashian & all the benevolent babes of movie industry, who are busy running the world on the nook of their Jimmy Choos. But, what is really going on here? Do we all get those tiny jitters when we open our Instagram account for ‘just in time’ browsing. Self-effacing and self pity are bound to follow, as you see people your age earning in bigger numbers than you. And then those dreary jitters move up your spine and travel through your brain like a  tumor, whereby you just want to keep changing your style and slaying the social media world. Maybe, you’re lured to try that white off-shoulder top which you last saw on Kendall Jenner’s profile, giving up on your personal comfort and style. But, that’s exactly what the trend is nowadays. It’s not all about the perfect angle or any photography technique. Rather, it’s almost all about the label you are wearing, the latest style you ‘snatched’ from a celebrity or else the elite list you’re following.

Selfie is just a medium through which you put yourselves there in front of the world as sassy & smart. The Instagram culture is like a burning stove. If you wish to be a part of the cool squad, you better be acquainted with its sharp-looking celebs, the hot babes making their own fan pages and of course the bloggers, who are just there to add to these flames!

Traditionally, gossips were discussed around the secluded corners of the office blocks or else behind the safety of our phones, but now-a-days, gossips are just so out there on the social media. There is this good thing about the selfie culture that every gossip sees its daylight, with every tap on the ‘capture’ button. Wish to know what’s going on in your Ex’s life? Then just make your way to his Snapchat or Instagram account and find it out yourself. No one can really resist the selfie marathon. Even the slow runners or else anti-selfie people get caught in its exhaustive but thrilling out-run sooner or later. Is it all a ‘heat of the moment’ kinda thing, or is it really embedded in this generation’s DNA as a cool code? Well, whatever the thing is, there is always something called the ‘Just in Time’ selfie because there is practically no standard time for a selfie. We all have that friend, who is all about spontaneity. If he finds that the moment is right, light is perfect and it’s all cool, then there comes his loud call, ‘Guys, a selfie please!’ And as a reflex action, people make the ‘Just In Time’ selfie face. It might be the evergreen smiling face with all teeth jutted out, or else the intense Obama Look or that arrogant smirk or a simple smile with the right posture.

Selfie has its pros & cons. But, why to go to these ‘lists’ when all you are doing is having fun while you are being cool about it! Yes, this might get overwhelming at times, with all that angles & spontaneity. But, then it’s something where even the meanest people come together, side by side. Maybe, they are faking that smile, maybe selfie isn’t that candid as we think it is.  But, then don’t you think it comes as a challenge? The rush you must feel when that camera is placed in front of you, which demands spontaneity from you. There is no prolonged thinking or planning, but just a ‘Do It’ attitude. The ‘Just In Time’ selfie is rather a happy cloud over your head. Instead of blowing it away, you should stand right there and enjoy the shade, sunlight and rainy seasons with it. You may never know, when the cloud will flip over and vanish leaving you all alone with no flashing lights or huddled chaos.

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