SRK Has Done It Yet Again With His Wittiest Sense Of Humor On AIB Podcast

The King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan is the latest guest on All India Bakchod’s Podcast who has started a wildfire of rumbling laughter and has got some of India’s funniest men in splits. His sense of humor fueled with mischief and those witty comebacks have all won him the entertainer tag. AIB podcast showcases this video in a very comfortable setting (Maybe SRK’s house), where we found Shah Rukh speaking everything from dancing at the weddings to how everything he does or says has the potential to be the most scandalized news ever. Maybe it’s that comfortable ambiance created by the team of AIB that got our beloved SRK to really TALK! This is a MUST watch for everyone who is looking for some popcorn crunching entertainment. So, go click that play button below and begin with the fun.

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