Spoken Word Poet Diksha Bijlani Dazzles The People With Her Work ‘Reflections On Being A Smart Ambitious Woman’

Image Source: JWB

The spoken word poet Diksha Bijlani is really kicking with her poem, “Reflections on Being Smart, Ambitious and Woman” where she tackles the male chauvinists down to the ground, roars about tending to the male ego and sets the stage with an amusing tone. She stunned the viewers with bomb-shells like, ‘’Every time I beat him to his own argument, I went to sleep without an ‘I love you” or “My last boyfriend was a feminist… he told me he was going to earn more than I was. He didn’t let me pay for dinner that night”.

She is the lady who knows how to incite any person to put off the glasses of patriarchy and start treating women as equal. A MUST watch for every boy who believes that paying his gf’s bills is a caring gesture (No!) , for every man who can’t control his temper when faced by a savage woman and for every woman out there, who thinks that she is better & bolder. Watch it guys and don’t forget to share it. Keep the love flowing!

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