10 Sentences That Guarantee Your Email Will Get Read

It is essential that we write to communicate in a better way, to make our readers understand what we are trying to convey. Whether we are writing a blog, novel, short story, poem or an email, all that matters is people don’t ignore it and scroll down because something in the writing didn’t catch their eye.

“A sentence should never be cruel and unusual.”  – William C. Burton

That’s how every email should roll because your employer/client might get 50 emails (give or take 20) on an average business day and to read every email is time-consuming and requires a lot of resolve. There is always a risk of your important and urgent email not being read, so, here we provide an enumerated list of ten sentences/conversation starters that guarantee your email will get read.

“I was speaking to X yesterday…”

Interconnections, associations, and tie-in bonds are your way of creating a glowing impression. The first suggestion is to do your exploration and investigation in a thorough manner and make friends. It isn’t that you have to meet them personally but befriending via emails is a perk because in that way, when you are talking to the person with whom your business can only flourish, you can slither in the name by saying, “I was speaking to X/Y/Z yesterday and…” (Use your references and make them the hero of your email).

“I saw your recent post/feature…”

David Newman said, “Email has a knack many channels don’t: curating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” Make sure that you abide by this because the email readers don’t want you to be boasting about your qualifications and skills. They want to feel like a prime inclusion in your list of priorities. Give your email a personal touch by letting them know that you are interested to keep a track of the daily development, monthly accomplishments, yearly leaps, and bounds of your prospective business collaborations. It is human nature to acknowledge the feeling of being valued so keep this second point in your mind.

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“How would you like to improve your strategy?”

It is suggested that you have to present your first impression like a movie’s teaser or trailer; a preview of your prospective contributions. Your content should match to your email readers’ requirements and demands. That should be your top-most concern because even if writing an email comes with no cost, it can make or break your business. Present an idea that you think can be beneficial to your company’s current business plan or marketing. Often, honest statements work but there is also no harm in being discreetly diplomatic.

“Are you free for a call (time and date)?”

One thing that is true for any business related appointment is that you have to make your client feel involved so that they understand you and your work ethics. Whenever you are asking to have a telephonic conversation, make sure that you approach them in an affirmative manner. Offer them something which they won’t be able to deny. Hypothetically, if they are busy or caught up in work or with personal events on the date you have mentioned then you will get to know that. What matters is you have offered to take the email conversations forward and have tried to engage them in a verbal talk.

“I’d love to take you for breakfast.”

Clarity in email is very important. Say what you want to, no point in beating around the bush and going in circles again and again. You would notice that you would generally have the habit of writing long paragraphs to show that you know about the brand and you are eligible enough but that’s not enough. You have to take a firm stand and start with what’s at stake to earn the right attention. It doesn’t matter whether you want to take your client for dinner or breakfast. The fact that you asked is enough to make an impression last in hearts and minds.

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“The last time we spoke…”

This is another way which ensures your interest and urgency. Admit that you are waiting for their response. Confess that it is their obligation to let you know even if your offer or idea has not pleased them because one might have been in desperate need of this dream collaboration and haven’t asked any other client for the same thing. It’s right that you should be on the safe side and make your request to at least three-four organizations/clients but it is what it is. Write down the above sentence as your beginning of email and rest assured, if the client has any sense of responsibility then he/she will be evoked and reply.

“Our mutual friend, X recommended I get in touch…”

Email is your best marketing tool so use it as a professional representative of your personality and attributes. Having a common ground, a common friend only increases your chances of being noticed. You aren’t the only one sending frequent emails. There might be another 1,000 who want the same collaboration with the same person. Establishing a good contact with resources that benefit the recipient only urges them to reply because it means that you aren’t bothered about your personal gain, but the gain of your team as a whole.

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“My company…”

Believe it or not, people treat people in power a lot respectfully. When they recognize the power, the chances of getting a reply are increased because the receivers feel a responsibility to reply. You don’t have to lie and pretend about your position, but you can convey this by referring to the brand/company and its accomplishments. It will communicate to the recipient of your responsibility and position of power.

“I noticed you…”

Winning over acquaintances, future clients is an art and requires a build-up of a confident start. Any person would be replying to you if you make sure that you are keen to know about them and not vice versa. The brand is getting a thousand splendid emails like yours so you have lesser than fewer chances of standing out if you go on bragging about your success as an individual even after derailed situations. The better option is to start with the success of the company on whose behalf you are sending the email.

“Is (x) a priority for you now?”

Emails are now perceived as starters in the menu of businesses. By this, we mean that frequent emails are a good way to bridge the communication gap between you and your recipient. It is one of the ways in which you nurture their needs and let them know that their priority is your priority. That is a boost to your relationship with the client as the brand’s representative. So, the ultimate tip is to consider the recipient’s queries and needs as you begin the negotiation.

Out of the 100 emails that the recipient gets, make sure that they choose to read and respond to yours. But, not everything comes as easily as confessing all your guilty questions to Google search. Put in some thought before sending the most important email, run through our suggestions and win your recipient’s heart in the first swish and click.

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