Rose Embroidery Patch Trend ’17

THE SOCIAL LIT- rose embroidery patchIf your pinterest feed is spammed with rose embroidery patch on blouses, stockings, denims, socks and what not, then high five, we’re with you. If there’s one motif that looks all set to conquer 2017-2018 fashion, then it’s the rose.

Sure, trends enjoy a time of their own and barge into our lives out of nowhere, but this trend seems to have cropped up from the Ancient Chinese costumes/menus or the rock and roll era where band tees had bright rose graphic details slapped on to them. A trend generally starts from runways and then passes on to Instagram, bloggers, and daily life, but what makes this one trend special is that it started on Instagram and then found its way on to the runway, thus proving that street style clothing has the power to democratize fashion.

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The reason why rose is being loved so much these days is because it’s universal, no brand owns it and it’s also easy to materialize and style. What’s more? The rose is ‘empowering’ and resonates with the feminists who’re driving the world towards gender-equality. The journey of this humble patch from a mere symbol to a celebrated accessory has been phenomenal.

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Even though this trend might have come from the not-so fancy era, it is not stopping high-end fashion designers from placing it all over their outfits. Gucci’s latest collection featured heavy embroidery, rose patches and details on shoes, denim jackets, handbags and more. Even brands like H&M, Topshop, Zara and Herschel aren’t behind in expressing their love for this trend.

We love rose. Do you? Here are some steal-worthy rose embroidery patch on clothing ideas.

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