Brace up, ladies! India’s First Women-Only Beer Club is Here

Women have got wings, a sharp stiletto taping and a razor sharp tongue running while they are pretty busy galloping down those child beers on a Saturday night. And now, the girls have got a Beer Club, all to themselves. India’s first women only beer club called – Smarty Pints Society is on the leash to change the age-old eyebrow raises and stunned faces- when a girl is drinking a beer.

Young people at bistro having beer

This hype-creating all women’s beer club was found by beverage expert Karina Aggarwal, who is a peppy and popular name in the Delhi food circle. It started as a closed Facebook group, with their first meet planned for this Saturday in the capital. They all came around and discussed about this sassy idea of having a beer club to themselves. Karina happened to say, “When I’m out for a casual evening with friends, I usually pick a beer and I’ve had men come up to me and say, ‘Oh, you don’t look like a girl who drinks beer!’ And I don’t get it. What is a beer-drinking girl supposed to look like? Why can’t we enjoy a glass of wine and a beer pint? We’re in a time where men can enjoy sangria and girls can enjoy beer.”

Karina also plans on turning it into a travelling group and future plans on organizing events in Mumbai and Bengaluru are on the card. The Brewery visits (the actual factories), mixers, game nights and a ton of other things are there on the Smarty Pints to-do list.

This exclusive club is an amazing way to start your evenings, with no “judgement calls” or “lead stares from the men”. It is going to be just your girls, some chilled beer and long sappy conversations to fill the night.

Visit their Facebook Page for more information.

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