An Ode To The Drunk Girls & All That Sass

Who needs a boyfriend, when you have got your drunk girls? They are sassy, dramatic, fun and oozing with energy. While some of these slurring drunk creatures wail about their relationship issues, others cruise their horrible bosses and yet others, well they just don’t seem to care! Apart from breaking empty beer bottles, dancing like no one’s watching or else colliding with strangers and giggling like a maniac, there is more to a drunk girl. Nope, we ain’t talking about what your dirty mind is concocting right now.

Here’s to all the drunk girls out there. 

  1. Drunk girls are always there to help you out

Try and ask a drunk girl for help-  Ask her to give you company while your boyfriend gets a drink or else ask her to lend her phone to you to make this important call, she would never say a NO. Although she is drunk, but would never walk away from anyone in need.

  1. Drunk girls are there to listen you vent or complain

Just handover a drink and she is your friend for the night. A drunk girl is all ears to you, as you go around blabbering about your life.

  1. Drunk girls are full of drama & dancing

Yes, drama runs in her veins. A high-pitched voice, dramatic eye-rolls after every pause in the conversation and of course the dancing! There is no night ever dull or drab, with a dramatic drunk girl on loose!

  1. Drunk girls can make you feel good, without even trying

If you are with a ‘happy’ or a ‘funny’ drunkard, then expect some shooting stars and blue skies for yourself. Jackpot, baby!

  1. Drunk girls are Hopelessly romantic and lovable

    Tell that girl hopping and dancing in a bar that you love her and she might shout it back to you (if you are lucky).


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