Quit Being The Easy Girl In The Crowd. Find Out How

There is a thing called “we chase and we win”. A distinct excitement about a girl who plays hard to get and the boys who know that there is a kind of girl they certainly can’t get, which builds the whole tension between them. The girl has a sensational aura about her, her strong personality, her determined gaze with which she sees the world and above all, instead of chasing the glossy gossips or the new shopping trends, she is busy minting her ambitions. That’s a girl everyone secretly desires. More focused. More loyal. And more independent. Here’s how to be that girl.

  1. Your Vibe attracts your Tribe

What you are is exactly what you attract. Dress modestly and not skimpy. You don’t need to accentuate your body curves to get a guy to be attracted to you. Let your personality do the talking. Until and unless, you don’t want a guy to talk to you because of how much flesh you are showing, then dress classy.

  1. Less is always more

Talk less, and listen more. Every guy is curious to know who’s that girl giving such meaningful opinions now and then and is also acutely maintaining her calm when required. A girl who talks her own talk and walks her own walk is exactly the kind  who leaves every guy guessing about what all she reveals and what all she hides from the world.

  1. Order your own drinks and food

Yes, there is a reason to do it. Don’t let anyone order for you, especially not the men trying to woo you. Show them you don’t require any ‘spoon feeding’ or ‘pamper sessions’ from them. Let them know that you are quite efficient in taking care of yourself and really sure about your choices. This will excite any man to bits.

  1. Always pay for what you order

Yes, this is the most crucial step of letting the guy know that you are efficient enough to pay your own bills. This is a perfect way to tell, ‘I earn my own money and I don’t need any male to take care of it!’

When you are out to this new club around the corner with your friends, always offer to pay. This will really push any guy to the edge.

  1. Hold your opinions strong

Be out-righteous in all your opinions and tell them openly. Yes, always say what you think. Don’t be a coward or shy away. Timidity is a major repellent. So, always be strong minded about your opinions.

  1. Stray away from gossips

A girl yapping about other people’s lives or any senseless paper-gossips for that matter is the kind  guys place quite in the end of their priority list. No guy wants a  girl who spends her time talking about other people. A genuine and more human conversation would score you silver points.

  1. Take time and get to know the person

Don’t rush into things. A guy always values a girl who has her own pace for taking things forward.


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